Friday, April 22, 2016


I was really hungry after the Bible Handout, and if I was hungry looking at and smelling all that wreckage, dragging my poor broken handcart all that distance, you know I was hungry. 

I went about 6 blocks and went to a Jack in the Box.  Normally I don't like fried burgers but I am positively addicted to Sourdough Jacks.  I got curly fries and a large drink, eating hunched over the cardboard, dripping sauce onto the packaging and not myself, for a change. 

I only have one complaint with the restaurant, they package everything to-go even if you tell them you are eating in the store.  Other than that, the food was good and hot, the drink tasty. 

I got a decaf diet rootbeer.  I like those space station consoles where you punch up any one of 100 drinks. 

I had called Lou the cab driver to pick me up at 12:30.  I got there around 12.  I ate, my only issue a small, unattended child who wanted to play with the contents of my Bible Box.  I love Jesus, and had she been able to read, I would have happily given her a Bible, but I don't need little kids wrecking my stuff.  I was also concerned her mother didn't seem to be paying attention. 

I'm a woman but that doesn't make me an automatic good person.  I could be one of those obsessed, "childless" (I prefer to see myself as "child-free") freaks who likes to snatch little kids and raise them as her own.   Sad.  Disturbing. 

The mother only called the child over when she was leaving. 

I finished my meal and moved where I'd see Lou coming.  Sure enough, he showed up pretty much on time. 

I went home, exhausted, wanting nothing more to take a good, long, nap.  But Greg was working on the catio. 

So, I've stayed awake, knowing I have to work tomorrow, wondering why #6 moved the trampoline and what that means to my future rest (I have decided it is a mostly good thing).  But the catio looks great, almost done, and the cats will be a lot safer now. 

I'm sure my cat hating neighbors, and I'm sure I have a few, will be just as happy they don't have my cats roaming anymore. 

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like your hand out was hugely successful ! And you sound fortified in spite of you sleep issues. You realy do ask for so little in this world, guiet neighbors would only be fair. I was raised to be a "quiet neighbor" and i still am . Hopefully someday they figure out how much the noise i pacts you and tones it down. Can you plant a noise barrier that would grow fast like bamboo?

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