Sunday, April 3, 2016

A better life than that

From my Facebook:

Gravy broke his leg somehow, very badly. He's at the hospital and will most likely be put down tomorrow. We are waiting on one final call from an orthopedic surgeon about what can be done.
I hold out hope for a 3-legged cat but Ron is adamant. He thinks it would be too cruel to put him through a long recovery process.
Man, this just sucks.

  • I knew something was wrong yesterday but I couldn't put my finger on it. 
  • I will never get that awful X-ray out of my head.
  • The vet doesn't know how it happened and said she had never seen a fracture like that.
  • He kept trying to stand on his broken leg.
  • The x-ray looked like the leg had nearly been torn off. 
  • I can't get that x-ray out of my head.
I had way too much caffeine, I hope I can sleep tonight.  Biscuit was extra sweet when I came home, I think he knows something is up. 

I am too depressed to write any more.  Gravy is the white cat with gray markings and white on his tail.  He had a little fang that stuck out on his lower jaw - the vet said it was likely his jaw was dislocated at some point due to abuse. 

I gave him a better life than that, at least. 

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Anonymous said...

Oh Heather i am so very sad and sorry
Much love sent

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