Tuesday, April 5, 2016

All pets go to heaven

I've encountered some real creeps in my day, none of them the last few days, who really believe there are no companion animals in Heaven. 


God loves animals, otherwise he wouldn't have filled the earth with them.  He created animals before he even created humanity!  Adam's first job was naming the animals. 

It is well documented, my husband died.  He was dead and went to heaven.  When he says heaven is full of loved companion animals, I believe him. 

When the Bible tells me there will be no more pain or sorrow, I believe it. 

Jeremiah 29:11 [Full Chapter]
For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.
That doesn't sound like he's going to put our precious' to "sleep forever" as I was told when my stepfather died. 
I have a whole roster of "graduated" animals.  I look forward to seeing them again and hope they do too. 
My Dad, not an emotionally insightful man, once said he believed I had attachment disorder.  Basically, due to my mother's neglect and abandonment, I have a hard time bonding.  That's the short version.  I agree completely.  I don't trust easily and once I have given my loyalty it is impossible to shake.   
I had a hard time bonding with the cats when I first got them actually.  Except Bubba.  I met him on my runs and he won me over with his skittishness.  When I found out he was homeless and starving it was natural to bring him into my home. 
I found Baby Girl the first in a garbage can, eating trash.  Again, I could relate, I bonded pretty fast.  She died a horrible poisoning death several months later.  Bastards. 
Times like that I wish I did have a gun, to put the poor animal out of her misery. 
Bubba actually brought Frosty home to me, to save.  I was pretty pissed at him, the first night he spent in my house Frosty actually peed on a chair - one Baby Girl the first had loved, and I had to throw it out.  I almost put Frosty back on the street again but Ron begged me to give him another chance, after a neutering. 
He got neutered, stopped pissing, and became a wonderful lap baby.  We had a very tight bond.  When I was suicidal he used to climb in my lap and put his head on my shoulder.  I could actually pick him up, go to the bathroom with him in my lap, clean up, pick him up again, flush, and go back to "our" chair. 
I was crushed when Baby Girl died and fell into a massive depression.  I did when Frosty died.  I had barely crawled out of it before a big family reunion.  Had Frosty died closer to the event I would have been a massive downer.  As it was I did a decent job fronting and I was medicated by this point. 
I still miss them, I always will. 
I didn't want Baby Girl the Second (current Baby Girl) at all.  I kept trying to give her away but Ron had bonded, called her "my cat" and said we were keeping her.  I didn't really bond with her until the night Bubba died (they got on great, by the way), when she crawled into bed with me.  We consoled each other until Ron, completely wasted, came by waving a bag of treats. 
After that point I realized she did have a sweet and loving heart, she's just more aloof.  I will never find her in my lap or even in my bed (save the once) but she's a good girl and she loves her Daddy.  She likes to lie next to his leg as he lays in bed.  When Ron's at home, he's in bed, so that works out great for both of them.  She likes to lie in my bedroom doorway, that's her love language for me.  I talk to her and pet her as I pass. 
I loved Torbie but I had a hard time bonding due to severe depression after Bubba died.  That time did give Ron and Torbie time to bond, though.  He hadn't been impressed with her at the shelter. 
I didn't want Biscuit and Gravy, but I couldn't leave them there to be tortured, starved, and dead.  I tried to find them a rescue, boy I tried everything, but no joy.  The minute I brought them home they ate and crawled into my bed.  For the next week, all they did was eat and sleep in my bed with me.  They won me over pretty fast! 
Not to mention they were still half-grown kittens and adorable in that regard.  They had precious markings and everyone liked them because they weren't black (bigots!).   Again, Ron begged to keep them, so we did. 
I don't regret it but I sure miss Gravy.  Gravy was more Ron's cat but I used to kiss his paws when he stuck them off the kitty condo.  He seldom slept with me and never got in my lap, but I loved him hard. 
Ron's been consoling me, doing a pretty good job of it, and telling me they are waiting for me in Heaven.  I just need to hang in there, he says, and I will see them one day. 
I believe him.  I believe in a loving God who does this. 
I can't imagine anyone promoting a God who wouldn't. 

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Anonymous said...

I believe god loves all creatures
So very sorry for your loss, hope you are able to grieve with out full blown depression, this time.
Keep us posted and know you are loved, thank you for giving your cats such a loving home.

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