Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Some days are just hard

Some days are just hard. 

Today, for instance. 

First, though, let's get to yesterday.  I was manic "sigh".  Just a little bit, I did some cleaning and laundry.  Then I went on an outing.  I got breakfast, went to the grocery store, bought a few little things, and looked for a hair place in the strip mall. 

Instead, I found a nail place, which I didn't use.  I did my nails for my wedding but that's about it. 

I realized I was manic, wanted my mood stabilizers, and went home.  I took them, had a pretty good nap.  Ron and I sat out on the catio and talked.  I ordered a pizza. 

Then I went to bed. 

This morning we had a squall line come through with some moderate thunderstorms (at least where I live).  We had some thunder,lightning, and rain, which all moved off pretty quickly. 

During The Flood last week, the storms just sat on top of us, dumping yet more and more water on the land.  I kept reminding myself it couldn't rain forever.  It sure felt like it! 

Anyway, today was more normal.  Except for the horrible depression when I woke up.  I literally felt more exhausted when I woke up than I did when I went to bed. 

Ron had already arranged with a cab driver to take me to the hair place, so I got up, showered, and did my God Time.  I ate a snack and took my medication. 

I went and got my hair done (just took a couple inches off all around, to keep it about chin length), then did a little shopping.  I bought a bottle of lye for drain cleaning purposes.  They still don't have the good stuff in the orange bottle but plain lye works OK. 

Ron was on his last canister of cat treats.  Our cats are completely addicted to these treats, all of them.  "running out" would be a very bad day for all of us. 

So I bought Ron the amount he requested, plus two extra to put on his high shelf in the closet.  That way, God forbid we get flooded, we will still have at least two canisters of cat treats for the gang. 

I got some more protein bars, etc., and came home.  I let myself in through the back.  I took my medication. 

I gave Ron his stuff (he wanted some hard candy, fruit flavors, in addition to his treats), and found a place to put my stuff.  Then I got ready to take a nap. 

However, I have to tell you about #2.  They had someone out to pressure wash the house about 2 months ago, on the weekend, when I was trying to nap.  Then they had someone out about a month later to paint the house, also on the weekend, when I was trying to nap.  They painted about half of it, leaving big blotches all over the side and back of the house. 

Today, in the middle of the week, they had the same two guys out trimming one of my trees.  Now, I would think they would at least ask permission.  Barring that, they would tell me "We're going to trim your tree where it comes in our yard".  NO, they just did it. 

Now, to be honest, I don't like the tree.  I wouldn't have minded if they could have cut it down, safely, but they did a pretty good job just getting where it came over the fence.  Legally, they can trim the tree where it comes over the fence, as long as their actions don't kill the tree.  However, it took 2 hours, yelling, and power saws going during what I had hoped to be my nap. 

After they left, very noisily I might add, I finally did get a little rest.  The garbage truck came by, making more noise.  I woke up covered in blood.  I had passed a blood clot in my sleep and my ultra tampon had failed.  I had to pretreat the stain in my bedding and clean myself up. 

Oh, the joys of womanhood.  That hasn't happened to me in a good 13 years I think. 

I got dressed (good thing I was only wearing a t-shirt) and got the laundry started. 

Ron wants to watch an end times movie on TV.  I'm finishing a big bucket of diet decaf iced tea.  I read consumption of a gallon a day can cause problems, so I pared back to half a gallon of diet decaf iced tea a day. 

I drink about 1-3 gallons of "water" a day.  Probably a gallon of water, directly, and then a mixture of diet soda and diet instant beverages. 

The weirdest thing for me, when I was sick, I just didn't have my taste for drinking water.  I had to force myself to drink half a gallon a day, but I did it. 

The last thing I want is dehydration.  I got dehydrated once, and heat-sick, at an amusement park and it was a miserable experience.  I pray I never repeat that. 

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