Friday, April 22, 2016

Greenspoint flood handout

I called a cab to go to the handout location.

"You want to go where? You know that is a bad area...." the cab driver warned me. I explained what I was doing.
"Still" he said..."Prostitutes, drug dealers, gangs." Yeah, but they got flooded. Everyone is worried about food and clothes, what about eternity?

We got there fast and I unloaded the cart. The metal frame was bent and it was very difficult to keep the crates of Bibles onboard. I tipped it at a severe angle and let gravity pull it into place, then dragged it out to the median.

"Lord" I prayed "I sure hope we get rid of some of these Bibles" - not the most evangelical thought, but honest. "Because I don't think I can go anywhere with this cart now."

I donned my "Ask me for a Free Bible!" hat, my safety vest, and unrolled my sign.

"Gimme two!" the woman next to me demanded. It was insane.

I had people going the wrong way, stopping and blocking traffic, demanding Bibles. I had police "making the block" but happily never catching the traffic miscreants. I had people who had to go and came back. I had people stopping from all directions.

I was really happy I'd come. Of course I had slow periods. I didn't have any really negative responders. One woman wanted "Whatever you can spare" I yanked out a large handful, and a headband.

"Not the headband!" we laughed. She was distributing food and clothes and wanted to hand out Bibles too. She could go where I can't.

I had a young men walking up and asking for Bibles, which I found very endearing. Two of them were very excited to get a Bible. "New Testaments? For me?" You bet, I told them, and I will be praying daily.

From what I saw it is "Bloods" territory over there.

I had one young man with his clothes in see-through garbage bags, probably everything he owned in the backseat of his car. He was so humble and appreciative!

I let everyone, if at all possible, know I was praying for them. Sometimes it went too fast, like the guy who slowed down as the light changed to green, holding his hand out and beckoning me. I could see he needed two so that's what he got.

Then we had the yard guys, two of them in a truck. They were in the far lane. I ran over there and he said "Wait! I need two! OH!" as I handed two to him.

Pretty soon all the "Big" whole Bibles were gone (the HCSB evangelism Bibles), then I got to work on the New Testaments. I had about 120-130 Bibles and I only have about 20 left, so we'll call it @ 95 distributed.

I had some Spanish but not many, they were happy to get something, as always, in their own language.

At one point I had one car after another after another all wanting Bibles. That was probably the best moment in the handout, albeit exhausting!

After I finished I confirmed that yes, the cart was hopelessly bent, but it didn't matter because I had practically nothing left. I always try to hold back a little but I didn't need to, this time.

I walked over to a fast food place and got a meal, then called a cab to go home.

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