Thursday, March 31, 2016

Not manic

Well, I'm definitely not manic.  Pretty depressed the last couple days. 

I have been eating the vegetables I bought, though.  A lot of times I buy vegetables when manic, even slightly so 'I'm going to eat better!" and let the poor things languish to death in the fridge.  I have seen vegetables in nearly all stages of decomposition, which hasn't done much for furthering my veggie consumption. 

However, I bought things I like so I have been eating them.  Kale?  Not so much. 

Yesterday we did something a little different - Ron, unfortunately, has been relying on increasingly inaccurate weather forecasts.  We went to the Waffle House around 10 AM and it was packed.  We barely got a table. 

We had a good meal.  The grilled cheese was OK, the eggs spectacular.  I always get 4 scrambled eggs when I go.  I'd rather have a nice, moist, fluffy egg. 

I can never make a good scrambled egg myself. 

We went home after and I had a nap, then Ron and I went to work.  We were riding with someone who lived with her mother, at the age of mid 20's at least, referred to "my kids" and talked about how well she knew everyone at the notorious section 8 apartment complex nearby.  I couldn't help but have some thoughts about that. 

None of it was nice, so I won't repeat it.  But there is a reason they aren't putting her out there as "The face of poverty".  They prefer to use tragic little kids with an empty bottle, instead. 

I have nothing but empathy for someone who has fallen into poverty and battling to escape; I don't respect people who use the system, as a lifestyle, and never seek to provide for themselves.   If Ron can work...

I went to work and busted my tail helping Ron and getting everything stocked.  We did a good job. 

We had a bit of a wait to go home but they at least put out the bench for us now. 

A cover would be nice, but I'll take the bench. 

We went home.  I ate some fake crab, about 2 cups of vegetables, and some dressing, then I went to bed. 

Today (I'm off), I got up hugely depressed. 

I was even more discouraged when I saw I had empty pill organizers.  I had to sit there and do my pills of the week for about 20 minutes, sorting everything out by dose and type, adding my supplements, etc. 

I also portioned out a morning dose for myself and took that. 

I did my God Time, took a shower, watched a little Supernatural.  Now, the show has some mature themes, i.e. selling your soul to a demon, premarital sex, etc.  I'm not saying it's innocent. 

However, I was pretty horrified when I saw an ad for a "new comedy".  In the ad, two parents are talking to their kids about how babies are made, using graphic terms, and bickering about what movements were "needed" during the sex act. 



I was shocked, and it takes a lot to shock me.  I read a book once where a woman had sex with a warewolf, and I actually finished reading the book.  I threw out all the books in the series after that, though, and never bought any new ones.  The series has quite the cult following and I even joined the fan club. 

It's the middle of the day, kids could be watching!  Yes, it was school hours but kids stay home sick.  I remember after I had some teeth pulled, I watched an old, "scandalous" movie, in the movie the guy marries the "wrong" sister and she joyfully writes a letter to the "right" one about how she is expecting a baby.  They never showed the act, just the sister reading the letter and crying. 

Like I said, it was an old movie. 

Of course, that was just about 30 years ago. 

I really think the rapture can't be far away. 

After that, I went to bed.  I took a nap for a couple of hours, I had a nice dream about being in a beautiful room with a little stream going by. 

Ron woke me up.  I watched a little TV and ate more vegetables. 

In a little while, I'll order a pizza. 

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