Sunday, April 24, 2016

Toilet monsters

Well, I didn't need the reminder but Facebook does that: 3 years ago I lost Bubba.

I still miss him.  He was "bad" in that he brought home rats, but would I have wanted them breeding outside?  Or in my walls?   No. 

It was depressing.  I went to bed.  Biscuit joined me and was his sweet flaky self.  He even fell asleep in my lap, in bed, and twitched gently as he dreamed.  I sure love that "little" boy. 

First, though, I got up.  I took my shower and did my God Time, took my pills, fed Biscuit his breakfast.  He wasn't too excited about today's flavor. 

I like to buy different flavors now and then and "try" them on Biscuit.  He gets tired eating the same food.  For instance, the Friskies Salmon and Chicken Livers, last night, was a huge hit for both him and Baby Girl.  I'm going to remember that. 

In fact, we went to Walmart, and I bought 10 cans of the new rave.  Biscuit got so excited when he saw me putting it away.  He's a smart boy. 

Ron was incredibly negative, bitter, demanding, and just all around unpleasant.  I finally told him "You're toxic, I'm going in the other room". 

"Yeah!  You DO that!"  [rubbing my forehead]  Life with a depressed head injury victim can be challenging, especially when I am depressed myself. 

I swear, if I thought it wouldn't hurt him, I would dump some Wellbutrin in his whisky just to help him out.  I won't, of course.  One, I don't want to waste the medication! 

I went to the store.  I got some French Roast instant coffee, two packages of bug spray (they are coming, after that flood), 10 cans of num-nums, some floor wipes (the kind you mount on the mop, and push it around to clean the floor), etc.  I also got some more emergency ration bars.  Cashiers are always curious about them.  I told her I was buying them for a friend to put in her car. 


I also got some bungee cords for the new Bible cart I bought last night. 

I wanted some more drain cleaner.  The toilet made alarming glug glug noises during my shower today, so I poured a bottle of "foaming slow clog" cleaner (the orange bottle, whatever that is) down the drain and left if for over an hour.  I had the bathroom on lockdown because Biscuit likes to drink water from the tub after my shower.  I don't want him getting drain cleaner! 

After I flushed the pipes, Ron and I agreed the toilet problem had been fixed.  But it hasn't.  The seal is going bad on our toilet and it's leaking into the tank.  Then it fills itself, running and running and running. 

I finally turned off the valve.  I will tell Ron about this later. 

I did some research, after banging my head into a wall for a while I found out the problem is the valve.  You open the tank, pull out the green thing, unscrew it.  Then you take out the bad gasket.  Put the new one on.  Mush it into place.  Then screw the nut onto the green thing and you are good to go. 


I will have to see.  It sounds like something I could do if my hands weren't freaking out on me (pretty regular).  Or Ron can do it. 

I just need to order the part but I will talk to him first.  He may want to call a plumber and have them change the whole works out. 

It is a little frustrating I can't get the parts off-the-shelf like I could when we had a standard toilet, but this one is great.  It will flush any sized deposit.  It was actually my anniversary present back in 2014.  One of the first nice things I wanted was a new toilet! 

I have caught Baby Girl drinking out of it on occasion, too.  I have mixed feelings about that.  We have 4 water bowls in the house and she wants to drink out of my germ laden toilet. 

She's certainly perky, though, so it isn't hurting her.  It does make me careful about using cleaning products.  I make sure to use something nontoxic with a strong lemon type fragrance. 

I have been trying to eat more protein, I did a lot of heavy work the last couple days, the handout, two big deliveries, and then the stress of the flood.  More protein is just a good idea. 

I also went way up on my Vitamin C, and continue to take everything as directed.  Every damn day. 

I was tired, so I took a nap.  However, #6 had the kids out for a while.  Then I couldn't sleep when they were quiet.  Biscuit got up on me and kneaded me for a while, which made me cry.  Gravy used to love to knead the blankets.  I napped for a little bit with Biscuit atop me. 

And Ron wonders why I love to spoil him. 

Since they are all basically inside now, I made sure to clean the boxes first thing this morning.  I also got some room spray because cat poop is pretty toxic when it's fresh.  It has a unique and distinctive pungency.  The boxes weren't bad so I was glad I did that.  I guess I will clean them first thing before I eat?  Maybe not a good idea.  But I'll figure it out. 

Ron is very picky about room fragrance, but he didn't complain over my Original Tide Febreeze. 

The kids came out again.  Their trampoline is directly outside my bedroom, which is good and bad.  If I really have an issue I can go talk to #6 and tell him, "This is my bedroom right here, I can hear everything, I have to get up at 4 AM most days and take care of my very disabled husband, can you help?"   How could he say no to that? 

He thinks he is a really nice guy, and he can be, on occasion.  I will give him a chance to be a good guy if needed. 

One of the kids was whining he didn't know what we had done in our yard (building the catio).  I wanted to open the door and say "That's none of your business, why don't you keep your eyes in your own yard?" 

It doesn't matter if the kids figure it out, while we have an outside door on the catio it has a lock.  No one can enter or let the cats out unless they have the key. 

Based on what I saw last night, the cats seem to want to go outside at night.  I had a lot of traffic which kept me up.  That, and probably the running toilet! 

Oh, I am scared to get the next water bill. 

I forgot something else I got today: contractor garbage bags.  Those are always useful but I plan to use these for organizing my stuff in the garage.  The garage is, frankly, a mess.  If we had flooded it all would have ended up in the dumpster, so to speak.  But it didn't, so I want to at least get things organized.  "Winter Clothes" etc. 

I also want to get them up high somehow so they won't be ruined if we flood again. 

God knows we could. 

I also bought name tags "Hello my name is big coats".  "Hello my name is afghans".  etc.  I haven't quite figured out how to seal them though.  The bags have flap ties so I will use that for now, until I can figure out either something higher, or something waterproof. 

Tomorrow I get up at 4 so that will be interesting.  I hope Ron wakes up before I go to bed because I need to talk to him about the toilet. 

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Anonymous said...

I have followed your blog long enough now that I too remember and miss Bubba! you share so well that I feel like I know you (not in the creapy pathological way LOL) but you are such a "real" person and dialog like I imagine you talk so reading your blog is like having a pen pal of sorts I look so forward to your joys and feel sad at your losses. I follow three blogs and have for ages I hope that there is always room for this online. You offer so much! So thank you and I am so sorry about Bubba he was a very cool cat and we all adored thim through your eyes and writing!

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