Monday, April 25, 2016

Poor Gravy

Nothing like screaming kids on a trampoline, 8 feet from my head, when I need to go to bed.  They did settle down pretty quick, though. 

Thank God.  I had to get up at 4. 

I slept OK, but I had some weird dreams.  I woke up, took my shower, shaved my legs, and did my God Time.  I ate and took my meds (every day), and took some headache pills for the headache. 

I started my cycle today which is always good for a headache. 

We shut the bedroom door and went out the back.  It was a big hassle, but the cats got the run of the house.  Biscuit got out earlier, though, when I was putting Ron's walker on the porch. 

I tried to catch him, to no avail. 

Our driver had a lot of air freshener in the vehicle but I understood when I saw the computer.  We were getting the wonder twins.  They are two young men, autistic, with severe behavior issues.  I think they can understand a little but they are non verbal.  They are not always clean and have some other issues I won't detail. 

Suffice to say, I understood why she used the air freshener!  I remember one time one of the men was wandering around the yard in a pair of dirty briefs, and tried to get into the vehicle right next to Ron! 

Only one was riding today, and they seem to have a "provider".  They brought him right out, the dog was tied up, and he behaved all the way to work. 

We got to work, unloaded, stocked, and worked.  I got the deliveries.  We were charged for last week's delivery even though we didn't get it due to the flooding.  So, I am out one day of work and $24.20 in sandwiches. 

We finished it all ahead of time and headed out.  The driver was a little odd, there was a language barrier but he was safe enough.  When we got home I found Biscuit crying at me, outside the Catio.  At least he knew where to wait! 

He wouldn't walk in the catio but he let me pick him up.  I got Ron in there, first, and then Biscuit, then locked it up, opened the back door, let us in, etc.  As I said, it's a hassle. 

I think it's better to just lock them in the bedroom when we leave, that way they have the bedroom and catio.  Biscuit has certainly figured out I keep food in the bedroom. 

I was pretty tired, but not as sore today, so I took a nap.  A long nap.  With Biscuit.  That was the highlight of my day.  That and the fact that Biscuit waited for me and knew I would get him back in the house again. 

I got up and did some Facebook.  At some point, I need to check my email. 

I cleaned up the backyard a little and it looks better.  I moved some cinderblocks into the catio area because the cats like to lie on them, and they can use them as a step to get on their shelf. 

Ron wanted me to watch a documentary about sea turtles.  I cried during nearly the entire film.  Sad little creatures suffering, being eaten, dying... it reminded me of Gravy.  Suffering and dying.  Oh, I cried and cried, I told Ron I was furious at him (actually I sobbed it at him) and I was never watching a movie he suggested ever again. 

He had "warned" me it had a strong "green earth" theme and to beware that, but he didn't tell me about all the death! 

I actually thought I had "gotten over" Gravy's death until I watched that.  I couldn't find my tissues so I took off my tshirt and cried all over it. 

Poor Gravy.  He deserved better. 

Well, I can take care of Biscuit, and I aim to do just that. 

We heard someone driving recklessly down our street today and I told him "I don't have to tense up because I know the cats are in here."  They can't get run over in the house. 

I wish everything were that simple. 

We also got Chinese food which was good but I'm still pretty depressed.  I'll be glad when I get manic. 

I think I would have been manic but Gravy died, so that threw everything to hell. 

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