Thursday, April 28, 2016

A lot about num-nums

Today was long, unsurprising, and somewhat predictable. 

I got up exhausted, not surprising.  I hit the snooze button a few times, much to Biscuit's dismay (he wanted breakfast), and finally got up.  I fed him first, then dealt with my things.  I didn't have enough time to do my God Time so I did it later, after work and before I turned on the computer. 

Metrolift picked us up and rode us around for over an hour, to take us about 6 miles?  We liked the driver, though, and I got the front seat, so I was happy. 

We finally got to the Sam's Club on Richey Road.  Not surprisingly, they didn't have the stuff I'd come for.  I got some other stuff they carry that the other store (the good store) doesn't.  Then we had a long wait and finally went to work. 

We were pretty busy for a couple of hours.  I helped Ron a lot with the bottled vendor and canned soda.  I did what I could for snacks (not much!) and did candy bars. 

The Heath bar lady will be happy to see I stocked up. 

I will sell anything if it is a good food cost and the customers buy it. 

After hours of work, we finally left and went home.  We had to be "rode" around for another hour, though.  One woman lied about her pickup location and then told the people at the location to "send him across the street" which is not in the service area.  We wasted a good 10-15 minutes on that stunt, and then she opened the door and told Ron to get in the middle! 

I told her we were getting dropped next, and she went and told the other guy to get in the middle.  I thought that was very rude.  In a situation like that, the client is supposed to "let" the driver tell the other clients what to do. 

It got stranger.  I am pretty sure she was FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome), too, because she kept interrupting our conversation (the driver was talking to me) going off on weird tangents that had nothing to do with the original conversation, then, the second the conversation hit a lull, went into a big dialogue about how she isn't really "from" Texas even though she's lived here for forty years, she sees herself as (another state), the drivers are so rude, etc.  The driver and I kept looking at each other. 

Now, when someone is "limited" the computer has a code for that, AR "Assistance Required".  If they are somewhat higher functioning they are TD "watch through door".  It gives the driver an idea what to expect.  AM is ambulatory, can walk.  WH is wheelchair.  BL is blind.  I know how to read the computer, we are picking up and dropping off 3 people, one of whom is in a wheelchair.  It is helpful. 

She had an AM code.  Not limited, overtly.  But I was sure glad to get out of there.  She kept making comments about my house, getting out in the driveway to claim the front seat, and I felt so sorry for that poor driver. 

I went straight to bed once I found my keys (a lot of drama this morning!).  I woke up feeling pretty energized, after only an hour of rest.  Wow.  That must be what it's like to be normal. 

I wake up exhausted, every day.  I am OK with that because my illness is so horrible.  I feel sorry for people who have milder mental illness because the risk/benefit is not as clear.  It must be so tempting to skip a day now and then, just to get some energy back in their life, and then they end up in the hospital because their levels get all out of whack. 

I did some laundry and cleaned the litter boxes, all 4 of them were used.  The front room and Ron's room were most popular.  I did a poll of all my cat friends on Facebook, and they all said they had lots of cats and just one big box for them. 

I prefer to have several (4) medium boxes to spread around.  That way, if I have to lock a cat in the bedroom, they have a box.  If they want to sleep in my chair in the front room, they have a box.  If they want to hang out in the computer room, they have a box a couple feet to my left. 

I keep them clean.  The house smells fine.  Well, it smells like cat food.  The outside trash can, however, smells horrific.  I would use better air fresheners but Ron objects.  So the house smells like lavender/vanilla, and canned cat food. 

Biscuit loves his canned food.  The latest rave is: Friskies Cat Concoctions Salmon and Chicken Liver.  It smells HORRIBLE and everyone loves it.   Even better, it doesn't make him sick. 

I did feel a little bad, this morning when I locked the cats up, I separated Biscuit from his num-num.  I won't do that again.  I hope. 

After all that I did my God Time and turned on the computer.  I bought a new gasket for my toilet because it keeps running.  Ron doesn't seem to get it.  Yes, it doesn't run for long, but it is running often and that will add up. 

I hope we can get it fixed ourselves.  The videos were pretty simple. 

I plan to wash all my winter bedding this week and then store it all in the garage.  Right now the current plan involves a contractor 2mm thick garbage bag, with a name tag.  That won't work very well if we flood but we haven't flooded in 15 years. 

The house did flood in 2001, after an epic tropical storm and a wake from an airboat.  Hopefully, not likely to be repeated. 

Last week was an epic storm cell and hopefully not to be repeated. 

Thank God I didn't lose my garage.  The water mark was a good 3 inches up on the door. 

"If we had the cat door out front" Ron said "We would have had it flood." 

Yup, thank God we moved it around back! 

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