Sunday, April 17, 2016

My Gang

Apparently, #6's bad habits are rubbing off on the other neighbors.  #8 had a very loud birthday party that went until after 9 PM, last night.  I think the lightning is the only thing that shut it down. 

We have been hearing "rain rain" in the forecast, but nothing except some clouds and wind, and, last night, a little lightning.  This has been going on for weeks.  They had very impressive time-lapse imagery today, but still no rain.  Now they are saying, oh, it's coming tonight.  Right.

We currently have a light drizzle. 

I turned on a very noisy fan when I went to bed and that helped me fall asleep, but I woke up pretty exhausted today.  I would have loved to sleep in an extra half hour. 

Sadly, I did not have any cats in my bed. 

Biscuit found me when I got up, demanding his num-num.  Baby Girl wanted some too so I split the can between them.  They were both happy. 

Ron and I had a trip to the pet store, but the driver was half an hour late.  Remember how I wanted to sleep in?  I kept thinking, I could have! 

Ron wanted some coffee so I got him that.  I ran and got a kolache because I was hungry.  I went to the pet store and looked at the adoption cats.  One of them had pooped out of his litter box.  I hope they get that cleaned up before the adoption fair.  No one wants a "bad" cat. 

Some of the cats figured I wasn't an adopter.  Some of them were too scared to come up and say hello.  The others ignored me. 

They can tell when you're looking.  I wished them good luck and went to get my cat food. 

And they were out.  I wanted 2, 11 pound bags of grain free salmon.  Sorry, Heather. 

I settled for 3, five pound bags.  I looked for the other brand they like but it was also sold out. 

This is why I always have "more cat food than I need".  Because supply chains are fragile and they really like this stuff. 

It was frustrating, but it is a payday weekend so maybe I should have expected it.  My guys are not the only ones eating grain free salmon. 

"No byproducts!". 

I used to feed the kitten food, it was a chicken flavor, when I had kittens in the house (Baby Girl, the boys).  Now they're all grown they like the salmon. 

When I can get it! 

I don't know what I would feed if I couldn't feed the Blue (Blue is the name brand if you are not a pet person).  Hopefully I won't have to figure that out. 

I believe if I'm cheap on the cat food, I will have more vet bills.  If I'm generous with the cat food, they are a lot healthier.  It seems to work for my gang. 

Torbie, after all, is very old (they wouldn't tell me at the shelter), but she has the energy of a much younger cat.  Baby Girl is plenty lively.  Biscuit, too.  So, I think I'm feeding the right thing. 

My vet asked me to feed more wet food, which I have, but the dry remains the backbone of their diet.  Everyone nibbles at the wet, (except Biscuit, who gobbles), and gobbles at the dry (Biscuit included). 

I also needed a litter box, but most of them were covered.  I need to tell you about Baby Girl. 

We got a covered litter box when Baby Girl was small, about 3 months and 3 pounds.  One day she went in to use it and couldn't push out the flap to exit.  I will never forget her sad, crying, face as she tried to get out of her litterbox. 

It was very sad, and very, very, funny.  I only laughed a little bit before I rescued her. 

Naturally, after that, she was terrified of covered boxes, so, if I buy them, I throw away the top.  If I can see something in the box then I need to be scooping it.  If I am scooping it properly then it won't have an odor (and they don't).  So, I need OPEN boxes. 

If I am confining all the cats to the bedroom and catio area, I need to have a big litter box.  I had a small, "kitten" box in my bedroom, but nothing I felt could handle the needs of 3 mature cats.  I bought a box I found suitable. 

When I checked out, I told the cashier the story about Baby Girl in the box, and then I loaded all the pet food into the box.  I pushed the shopping cart, with my products, about halfway across the parking lot.  Then I picked up the box and took it to the coffee shop where Ron was waiting. 

After all that, I was hungry, so I got more kolaches, including some for him.  I drank a diet Dr and got some more for Greg, the Handyman. 

He is diabetic and seems to like Diet Dr's OK, so I might as well have them to put in his cooler.  I set up a cooler with drinks and a box of snacks for him every time he comes out.  I did this when the guys were fixing my bathroom, too. 

Our ride came pretty fast and we went home.  I fit all 3 of the bags into my storage bucket.  My cats can be ghetto, and I could see them chewing a hole in the mylar.  This should be relatively safe. 

I set up the litter box, which looks to be a good size. 

I remember, about 15 years ago, I had two cats, a brother and sister.  I had two boxes for them. They would urinate in one box and defecate in the other.  I never had another cat who would do that. 

My ideal is one for each cat plus one extra for the house.  I have that setup now. 

Enough about poop.  I took a nap with Biscuit. 

He's a good boy.  It was a good nap.  I heard a little banging next door but they "let" me sleep. 

I don't know when Greg will be out to finish the Catio.  It will be worth it. 

It used to be "OK" to let the cats run around, but this world is just getting worse, and sick.  I believe someone ran over Gravy.  The vet wouldn't tell me.  And how would I catch them anyway, now? 

Now they can be safe, and "outside".  I think it's the best solution. 

I will have a hard time rounding them up every morning.  I may just feed Biscuit his num in the bedroom before we leave.  That will get him and possibly Baby Girl in there. 

Torbie, I expect to be naughty. 

Ron just ordered Chinese food for us.  I hope I don't regret this tomorrow. 

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Anonymous said...

Everytime you mention a kolache my mouth waters, we do not hve them here, but i do make them once in a while. I love them! Isnt Houston " famous " for these? Can you tell us more? I am such a food gerk and love to know about things like this!

Love the kitty stories! I agree my animals like me always do better with the best foid we can afford, sadly it is expensive and out of reach for folks.

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