Wednesday, April 6, 2016


I developed a horrible migraine and nearly threw up in a paratransit cab. 

We had a long ride to Walmart and I bought cat food.  I was out of the Gravy Lovers flavor and Biscuit really loves that - they all do. 

He will eat "Seafood Nightmare" (Cod, Sole, and Shrimp), but he loves the gravy best. 

I went anyway, after a shower and God Time. 

I literally had just enough time to buy the cat food before our ride came to take us home. 

I bought various flavors and threw some "Tuna in gravy" in at the end.  I nearly vomited on the way home but no one knew. 

When I got in the house Biscuit did a happy prance when he saw me holding a new case of cat food, so I gave him some Tuna in Gravy.  He did a good job on it, too. 

Then I got queasy again and went in the bedroom.  I took out my puke bucket and did some rapid breathing over it. 

I couldn't help but remember the time I ate steak and salad when I took my medication.  When I got home I vomited into my bucket. Biscuit and Gravy set up on either side of me and watched with delight as it all made a return.  They found the process enthralling and made me laugh, which of course made me feel better.  I'll never forget Gravy putting his paws on the edge of the bucket and examining the contents. 

Once I felt I could hold it down, I took a Phenergan and went to bed. Torbie laid in the center of my bed, in a very uncomfortable configuration.  I slept with her for a few hours, moved her by my head, and she stomped off in an indignant huff, choosing to sleep under Ron's armpit. 

The headache's almost gone now, I got hungry, and ate some pasta. 

Tomorrow we go to the home improvement store to look for ideas on the catio. 

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Anonymous said...

oh Heather so sorry about your migraine!
very excited to hear about the "catio" what a great idea and plan!
please share your planning and build with us if you are able? Everyone who has a cat needs a catio! and I am going to build one after you do and before I adopt.

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