Friday, April 15, 2016

Yuck bucket

I woke up with yet another headache, around 5.  I was really peeved because I was sleeping with Biscuit and he was curled against my legs, purring. 

It's like Gravy left his cuddliness to Biscuit when he died.  Biscuit was already pretty cute, but he's even sweeter now. Either that or he is bonding more to us since "Brother" is gone.  I don't know, and I plan to just appreciate it. 

To the reader talking about getting a cat, let the cat pick you.  Biscuit literally picked me at the bus stop, climbing me like a tree and screaming to be taken home.  That's the cat you want, not the one you think you like, that seems indifferent. 

I got dressed, putting on my new padded bra and mentally chiding the guy who forces me to wear it.  Can you imagine unloading a truckload of heavy merchandise, in the summer, in Houston, in a padded bra?  Last time I did this I wore a new one, with an underwire that kept jabbing my gallbladder and provoking an attack.  It was horrible.  I went around with spasms and nausea all day, because someone can't keep his eyes to himself! 

I'm not all that, and even if I was it wouldn't matter.  Don't stare at a woman's chest unless she is "your" woman.  I wear baggy shirts with high necklines and long hemlines.  At least let me have a comfortable bra! 

Alas, I can't.  [grumble]  I wasn't happy about that.  Still not, although the new bra performed better than expected.  I kept forgetting I was wearing it, and that's the best compliment. 

I trimmed my toenails, they were getting long, did my shower, shaved my legs (summer in Houston!) and got dressed.  I still had a pretty bad headache so I didn't eat breakfast. 

I got most of my God Time when our ride came.  We headed off to the warehouse. 

I got the supplies we needed and we headed to work.  I had a heck of a time unloading the cart, I already had some existing inventory on the carts.  I got it, though, and got it all into the building. 

Then, the stock.  Lots of stocking.  Got that all done and helped Ron.  Finished.  Ate a protein bar. 

Time to service the coffee vending machine.  First, I emptied the yuck bucket.  The coffee machine has a drain.  The drain leads to a bucket.  It is nasty, hence the name yuck bucket. 

I emptied it and rinsed it out.  Then I filled the cups, French vanilla, and coffee.  I continue to use high quality dark roast coffees.  I don't expect to make any profit on the machine, so I might as well stock it with quality products. 

Besides, I had to test vend it and drink a cup of coffee, which positively slaughtered the migraine.  I wiped down some spills and basically cleaned it up. 

Finally, all done, but I couldn't get French Vanilla to work. I reset the canister.  It wasn't giving the same error message but it still wasn't vending.  Agh. 

About that time the repairman called.  He had our refurbished compressor.  I went out and helped him.  On the way into the building, the compressor fell off the cart and into my leg. 

He was horrified, I was blas√©.  I have a horrible bruise on my left leg from God-knows-what.  It's been there for over a week.  Now I have matching bruises! 

It didn't hurt more than a minute, and I wasn't bleeding, my only real concern (blood and food service are not a good mix).  It doesn't hurt now but I will have some spectacular bruising. 

"I'm glad it was me and not you" I told him, meaning it.  He kept apologizing.  I didn't need it. 

Wow, I'm glad he's not here now, my leg is spectacular.  I even have a goose egg.  [shrug] It doesn't hurt.  I'm just happy I didn't bleed. 

We got the compressor working and he looked at the coffee machine, getting French Vanilla to behave.  I drank a cup of the French vanilla. 

By now, I was pretty cranked on coffee.  Normally I get a little tired in the afternoons but not today! 

We have 12 ounce cups in the machine, so I estimate I consumed over 500 mg of caffeine just from the coffee drinks.  Then another 400 from the OTC headache pills (two doses) and probably 300 mg from the diet soda I drank.  Doc says I should keep it under 450. 

Lord, please help me sleep tonight! 

He left and we worked on the sodas.  First the canned soda, then the bottled.  Ron literally wiped out the fridge stocking the bottled vendor.  I restocked it. 

I have done a lot of lifting and manual labor today, so I had a protein shake when I got home, but I'm getting ahead of myself. 

We finally finished.  We had "put the ride on hold" when Ron realized we would not be finished in time for our appointed pickup. 

He called and they took it off of hold, then sent it to the cab company.  Ron called Lou, and Lou snagged the trip.  Lou is one of our favorite drivers. 

We had a good ride home.  When I got home all 3 cats were waiting at the door.  It was very cute and endearing. 

Ron gave them treats while I made a protein shake.  I chugged that, got into something more comfortable, and fed Biscuit his num-num.  He gobbled it up. 

I finished my God time and made a bowl of cereal.  Then I did my blog ;p and will eat my cereal in a moment, while I take my pills. 

Whooo.  I am beat. 

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