Sunday, July 16, 2017

A lot about fruits, vegetables, and gardening

I slept pretty well last night, considering.  I woke up several times but I felt OK overall.  Torbie and Biscuit slept with me.  That was nice. 

I feel so naked when I sleep alone these days.  Normally, I toss and turn but my shoulder doesn't like that.  So I sleep on my back for now, tip a little to one side or another, but not too far.  The cats love it. 

I got up late for me, 9:44 AM.  I took a shower and didn't do my God Time.  Shame on me.  But I laid down for a little while with Biscuit.  Actually, I laid down by myself, but I heard him come in from the catio (the cat door is in my bedroom).  I made sad noises at him, sad little meows, and he got into bed with me and laid down in his spot, between my legs, as if I'd just birthed him. 

I would hate to deliver Biscuit, he is 16 pounds. 

At any rate we had a nice rest, even if I didn't sleep.  I have been using Salonpas pain patches on my shoulder today with pretty good results.  That's in addition to the over the counter pain relievers.  I am trying to minimize the use of my shoulder, too, so I don't strain it any more. 

It is getting better, but it's a slow process because I have to keep using it at work, but, like I said, I plan to have Ron do a lot more lifting for the duration. 

Anyways, I did my best to baby my shoulder today.  We went out to the pupusa place.  They seem to have one on every corner now.  It was good, as always, but not on the caveman diet I am attempting to follow. 

I think I am going to have a hard time with Ron on this one, because his big social activity is eating out, and I'm going to be limited where I can eat.  He's going to have some tantrums over this. 

 But my health is a lot more important, and I am sure I can find ways to make this work.  It's going to be challenging, though. 

Our pickup came early, the driver was a black man with dreadlocks.  I showed him my pupusa, he said it looked good, and then we told him our pickup wasn't for another 20 minutes.  He left and drove away. 

I really hoped that was not the last we would see of paratransit, for the day.  Happily it wasn't.  I had thought of buying a pupusa for the driver, and I wish I had, because the next one, a Filipino guy, seemed very interested.  He said he would come back.  We had a straight trip home. 

I cleaned the litterboxes and had a little snack, some of my organic grapes.  They aren't as large as conventionally grown ones but they are way better. 

Years ago, in California, I was a member of an organic foods co-op.  They had me fill out an extensive survey on what fruits and vegetables I enjoyed, and then they sent me a box every 2 weeks.  All organic, fresh, and really good.  It was a mixture of fruits and vegetables. 

Ron didn't buy the organic eating arguments.  Pesticides and conventional fertilizers are damaging to the environment and your health.  He didn't care about that.  I told him it tasted better. 

So we did an experiment one summer.  I had been "given" a huge cluster of organic red grapes.  I bought a similar cluster of conventional grapes.  I put them on different colored plates, left them on the table, and went shopping.  Ron ate the organic grapes down to the stem.  There wasn't one grape left on the cluster of probably 2 pounds. 

He had barely touched the conventional grapes.  So, he was convinced, organic food tastes better.  That's why I always try to get it when I can.  It is better for the environment, better for the people handling the food and living near the fields, and better for taste!  Better for my health, eating it. 

One time we used some Diazanon, a pesticide, when we had an ant problem near our studio apartment.  Actually, we were living in a badly converted garage.  We read the label, which was full of dire warnings.  I decided not to pour it into anything we used for food, instead we would measure it by pouring it into a used Styrofoam cup. 

It ate the cup.  Nasty stuff. 

I don't use chemicals in my yard, except for fire ant bait.  I have a lot of birds as a result. 

I wish it were possible to have the membership to an organic foods coop like I did before, but the heat is death to fresh fruits and vegetables.  The only way it would work is if they had a central pickup location where I could go and pick up my food, and bring it home. 

But I don't think Ron would be willing to do all that just for vegetables.  So I'll get organic stuff when I can, at my usual places, and try to make that work. 

I did love growing my own vegetables, they were organic, and I could pick them whenever I wanted.  It was great, with the stuff like Kale and Collards, I could literally go pick some leaves off the bottom of the plant whenever I wanted something green. 

However: 1.  Energy issues.  I just don't have the energy.  and 2.  My yard guy mows and whacks everything growing in my yard, except the jasmine.  That is the only thing he leaves alone.  Everything else I had growing in the yard got mowed or whacked.  That's OK, I understand we have language issues, but I wouldn't put anything in the ground as a result. 

My shoulder is getting cranky.  I think computer use is a factor in my problem.  I'm going to go now. 

Have a good one! 

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