Thursday, July 13, 2017

No Big Macs!

I woke up pretty early today.  My shoulder is still bothering me but I am sleeping better on it.  It doesn't hurt as much when I get up or roll over in bed, even if it's still uncomfortable to sleep on my side.  I can just as well sleep on my back, and Torbie has been sleeping next to my pillow lately. 

I also had Biscuit in the early morning hours.  He slept on my legs as if he owned me, and he does.  He's such a sweet boy, he's really becoming an awesome cat. 

On the one hand, I want to commend his first family.  They obviously loved him and socialized him very well.  He is a sweet, loving, and gentle cat.  He is friendly with us (terrified of strangers, but that goes to after he got dumped), and overall a good cat.   

But he is a puker (Bubba was, too) and I am certain that is what got him dumped in the woods, he got sick on the wrong thing and they dumped him out like an old shoe.  Gravy had an abscess on his tail, so I think that's why he got dumped. 

I often wonder what happened to the other cats in their litter, or whether it was just the two of them. 

On the other hand, how dare they take a helpless, loving, gentle, domesticated little animal and dump him in the woods?  With coyotes and possums and God only knows what else?  It's a miracle he didn't get eaten, starve, or fall in the bayou and drown.  What a horrible way to "get rid of" an animal.  They couldn't take them to the shelter?  Or find another home for them themselves? 

I tend to stick with the first view, these days, being glad he was well socialized and groomed to be a house pet.  He's a very good boy and I love him a lot. 

I got up, brushed my teeth, and fed the cats.  The hierarchy is interesting: first we have Baby Girl, always first to eat, all the other cats defer to her; then Biscuit, everyone's favorite, he is always second at bat, or the food bowl.  Lastly we have Torbie.  She gets all the cuddles, but is always last to eat. 

There's plenty to go around, though.  I make sure of that.  It is a balance between making sure everyone has enough to eat and making sure they stay slim. 

So, I fed "Biscuit", but Baby Girl had the actual first bite.  Biscuit waited patiently for her to finish, "cover" the food, and move on before he stepped up to eat. 

Then I took my shower and did my God Time.  Biscuit did not stick his head in the shower today, or sleep on the tub mat, but I still love him anyway.  It's so cute when he gets in the shower with me.  He doesn't get wet, the shower head is low flow and doesn't go that far, but it's so much fun to have him meowing at me while I wash my hair. 

It makes bathtime a lot more fun. 

I did my God Time, prayed for everyone, including you.  I got dressed and ready to go. 

We were going to Walmart today, I needed cat litter, among other things.  Our ride was a little late but it wasn't bad.  I had about an hour to shop. 

I found a kiddie cart and stuffed Ron, and the wheelchair, into it.  Unfortunately Ron decided he wanted 4 large bags of popcorn, which occupied most of the free space in the cart.  We had made the cardinal mistake of shopping while hungry. 

For a change, we got some vegetables.  We never eat vegetables.  I got baby carrots (and Vidalia onion dressing/dip) for Ron, and carrot slices and sugar snap peas for myself.  I got some vinaigrette.  I tried to find something olive-oil based but it was all soybean oil.  However, I do have plain, real, olive oil at the house.  I could put a little oil in a bowl, add some spices, and dip it that way. 

I tried, in vain, to find some precooked ready to eat plain meats.  I know they have them at Sam's Club so I will have to wait and get them there.  I want something like an already cooked hamburger, I can heat up in a microwave, or an already cooked piece of chicken that I just need to warm.  I don't want raw foods that have to be cooked because that means dishes and more work.  I just want something simple. 

Ron wants to go to Sam's tomorrow, and we will be there a while, so I will look there. 

I got everything on my list (no cat food for a change, but I did get more plates), and separated the stuff into his and hers.  I paid for mine, and Ron paid for his.  Then we went to McDonald's. 

Ron got a Big Mac.  I couldn't help but think we had done this before?  He enjoyed eating it.  I had a couple of double cheeseburgers with just ketchup.  I enjoyed them, they were cheap and good.  I got a fountain drink (Diet Dr Pepper) because the 20 ounce soda display only had the Dr Pepper 10's, and I hate those. 

Someone's kid decided to climb on our kiddie cart while we were eating.  She was not disciplined or scolded in any way.  I told her "That's our cart" and she stared at me blankly.  I realized she didn't speak English.  I yelled "Get off my cart!" as she started going through our stuff and her mother looked over, saw what was going on, and yelled at her.  Ron said "That was rude" and I said "Very rude" well within earshot of the mother, who clearly spoke good English. 

She left, and so did we.  We had a little bit of a wait on the ride.  A paratransit cab came.  He was dropping off only.  Another paratransit cab came.  She already had a very large client in the front seat.  That was our ride.  She took one look at our stuff (about 4 bags, plus the wheelchair) and started freaking out that she couldn't put it in the back seat because I had to sit there.  I told her "It can fit in the back."  She was practically having vapors, and told me the other client had "a large item" in the back. 

I had her open up the back compartment.  The other thing was a folding grocery cart, the kind you see women using when they don't have a car and ride the bus.  It was folded against the side wall, and took up very little room. 

I put the folded wheelchair in the back and braced it with the cat litter, then I stacked my bags, one on top of the other, two deep, against the far back wall of the compartment, leaving plenty of room for more stuff.  The driver just gaped at me. 

I walked away and got into the cab.  She closed it up.  Since we were picking up a fourth client, I had Ron sit in the middle.  The other client came out.  She also had a rolling grocery cart, but I had left plenty of room for it. 

Ron started complaining he had to use the toilet.  The Big Mac had run through him pretty quickly.  Well, it wasn't a straight trip.  It ended up with Ron cursing me out because I told him to stop verbally abusing the driver. 

Eventually we got home without Ron soiling himself.  Hopefully it is now seared in his head "No Big Macs!"  Any kind of heavy, greasy, food just runs right through him and causes a lot of unnecessary drama.  If you know eating a food is going to stimulate your bowels, then eat it at home only. 

Ugh, I get frustrated with him.  Now I know "No Big Macs".  I'm also going to make sure he eats at home before he goes to Walmart. 

I put away the vegetables and took a nap.  I slept pretty well considering.  I woke up and ran some laundry.  Ron's clothes were so filthy I had to run it on the "soak" cycle first and then the wash cycle.  I also used my Tide.  I have a couple different types of detergent, which I use depending on the load and the type of stains. 

I ran it in the dryer, halfway (until it is about halfway dry),and will finish it tomorrow morning.  I have a lot of tshirts for Ron, some pants, and some of my clothes in the load.  My dryer has a very large capacity so it can hold 2 loads (the one I did last night, and today's). 

I ate a bowl of cereal for dinner and took my pills.  They settled in well, good.  Happily I did not have to "do up" another 2 weeks of pills.  I found a week's worth, already done up, just waiting to be taken.  I'm not sure how that happened but I'll take it. 

Oh, I forgot to mention.  My phone rang during lunch.  It was my Dad and my Stepmom. 

They never call me unless there is a disaster of some sort.  They were "just worried about" me since "They hadn't heard from me in a while". 

Well, I tried to call them the first weekend they had their visitor (my primary abuser's son, who is apparently a very nice kid, but he bears a creepy resemblance to my abuser).  No answer.  Fine.  All that week I saw on Facebook, they are running around and very busy.  I skipped that weekend. 

Last week I was sick and I was certain they didn't want to hear about my digestive ailments.  So I skipped it. 

I mean, I've been posting on Facebook.  They can always come here (although my stepmother basically said it is "too raw"). 

Anyway, they called.  I told them things were OK.  What else could I say with Ron sitting right there and 10 other people within earshot?  And things have been alright, considering.  Ron's legs are better, the neuropathy is reduced, so I stuck with that.  I recovered from the thing I had last weekend.  I kept it pretty short. 

That's about when that kid got into our cart so I was glad I had hung up before I started yelling. 

Ron is sitting in the kitchen drinking and regurgitating stupid liberal news "stories".  He needs a better source of information.  All the liberal stuff is just diversion from what is really happening. 

Now he's getting theological.  God help us all. 

I need to go, it's going to take a while to shut him up. 


Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are a bit better glad to hear it

Spankadoo Hardcastle said...

You write with such skill /imagery
Much love heather! Keep us posted i like your " no fuss" paleo ideas....please.keep us posted !
It was hard when i tried ii but i am not motivated to make food lately. So as you add to it i can not wait to try your tips! Depression sucks!

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