Monday, July 10, 2017

Monday Madness

I had a little trouble sleeping due to my shoulder, but I didn't have any emergency bathroom trips, either.  I ended up taking some aspirin at 2 AM just to take the edge off.  I got up at 5 and took my shower, glad I had already set up my nice new soap and scrubby. 

Ron seemed OK, the Neurontin is helping.  He is taking part of an old bottle he got years ago.  He needs to go to his primary doctor and get a bona fide prescription for it so he can have a regular supply instead of using up his "leftovers".  That, of course, will take some time. 

We went to work.  It was pretty uneventful, and slow. Ron said we could probably take 3 days off but I wouldn't want to try it.  I thought it was funny, the other vendor is now selling the LSS (1.5 to 2 oz) variety packs of the hot chips, like I have done, for years.  We steal ideas from each other all the time.  However, she only got 2 cases for 10 vending machines.  I am flattered at the "plagiarism". 

Other than that, things were pretty dull.  Dull is good. 

We came home and met "the other blind guy" who lives near us.  He has an Iphone, apparently you can make them talk, but Ron is happy with his talking flip phone.  Good, he is pretty hard on his phones and I would hate to see him drop an Iphone on the floor, like he has his other, once, much less all the times he's done that to date. 

I took some aspirin and a nap.  I ate some snacks at work but not much.  I am still pretty leery. 

Torbie slept with me during my nap, that is always nice.  Eventually she got up and left me for Ron, who had treats.  I had strange dreams about my stepmother's family, and food, so I suppose I am hungry. 

I will eat after we file the P&L report online.  I don't want to eat beforehand.  Ron also needs to call the pharmacy back and get my prescription refilled.  When he called earlier, they were closed due to lack of power.  [edit: still closed]

I need to check the mail and see if the electric bill arrived.  If it did, then we can pay it when we go to Walmart tomorrow.  Ron may also have some new talking books. 

I need to empty my Walmart shopping bags that are sitting in the front room.  I have a bad habit, if it is not perishable I tend to leave it in the bag on the floor when I bring it in the house, and only get it out when I need it.  I need to take everything out and store the bags in their holder. 

I got my shopping bags from Sam's Club, years ago.  They no longer make the bags so I am very careful with them. 

When I shop, tomorrow, I need to get some more condensed vegetable soup.  I am out now.  I ate my last can yesterday when I was sick.  Clearly I need more for the next time I get sick. 

I need my pills.  I can always use more cat food and litter. 

We finished the report.  We didn't make much money last month. 

Ron called a cab to take us to get dinner, at a cheap fast food place. 

Oh, and we got the electric bill.  Ron had prepaid $100 last month.  Even with him running the A/C on "popsicle" all last month we still have a $30 credit.  Thank you, God.  Thank you, guy who got Ron a better billing plan (5 cents a KWH instead of 11). 

I'm off. 

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