Sunday, July 2, 2017

"Too personal"

I battle, at times, with what to put in here.  People have told me it's "too personal" or chided me for revealing too much of Ron's behavior. 

I've handled all that pretty well.  I do what I think God wants me to do and I try to do it well. 

However, lately I have had a very personal struggle, more spiritual than anything.  I am getting fed up with some of the people groups God wants me to serve. 

I won't get into all the details of my thoughts and feelings because, frankly, they are not in line with the Bible.  But I am a human being and I need to seek God out in this matter.  I can't do what He wants me to do without His help. 

So, I'm going to go make a fruit punch, or whatever, and do my God time. 

OK, I did that.  I feel better. 

Today was pretty quiet.  I got up and we went to Walmart.  I bought the sheet (I settled on black for the color, I wish I had black sheets on the bed when I had Bubba, that would have never showed the cat hair).  They didn't have Torbie color, brown spotted tabby (baby Girl), or bicolor silver and white (Biscuit), so I went for black. 

Happily, unlike some other months, I did not get a migraine from applying their flea medication.  Some times I get a horrible migraine the next day, but I washed my hands with rubbing alcohol, then soap and water, and soap and water again.  Seems to have done the trick. 

I also got some stuff like cereal, to go with my milk, cat treats, cat food, etc.  I bought some drink mix and snack foods for us. 

It didn't take me long to finish my shopping.  I debated going to the pharmacy.  I was given three, one month prescriptions instead of one three month.  I am halfway through the first prescription.  I knew I would be "doing up" my medication (putting the pills into the pills-of-the-week organizer) soon and then I would be "out". 

I finally figured I could wait on it, I did have two weeks left, after all.  A while back they had a terrible time getting my lithium prescriptions to me, some problem with the supply chain.  They would make me wait for up to two weeks after I turned it in, so I am a little leery of waiting too long. 

I finally paid and found Ron.  There was a woman in an electric wheelchair blocking access to the bench, so I had to go and stand next to Ron near the front door.  I didn't ask her to move because my gut told me to leave her alone. 

We ended up going outside just to get me a seat, and had to sit outside in the hot sun, humidity, and 90+ degree weather.  It was miserable.  I complained at Ron for taking my sunglasses off the back of the wheelchair, where I had left them.

Sure enough, when our ride came the lady in a wheelchair came rolling out, cursing (every other word out of her mouth was a curse word) and complaining about "the heat".  I was glad I hadn't "bothered" her with asking her to move.  Let me tell you about the heat, lady.... because you blocked the bench (and she couldn't even use it, being in a wheelchair), I had to sit in that heat for half an hour, sweating. 

The driver made a big production out of checking Ron's ID card and pass, but for some reason let the other client slide.  She was loaded and strapped in, and then the client offered the cards to the driver, instead of the driver asking.  It was the driver's first time with us.

As we pulled away, Ron got a call from the Walmart pharmacy.  His prescription was in.  Apparently Doc called in something for Ron to take, before his next MRI.  I hope Ron will be able to "walk" after taking it. 

Of course we had just left the store, and the other client was still cursing, complaining about the heat, and saying she was "tired" (at 11 AM, I can relate to that).  At any rate, I knew she would pitch a tremendous hissy fit if we asked the driver to go back so I could run in the store and grab Ron's medicine really quick. 

I think most drivers would have let me, if we had been alone.  The client basically demanded to go home, the schedule had already been written so she did.  She would have really had a fit if she had to go to our house, a whole 4 miles out of her way. 

You can tell I didn't much like the other client.  We dropped her off.  The driver wouldn't go in the "resident" entrance, even when requested, and instead went to "visitor" parking.  I thought that was odd, the woman was a resident, why not go through the resident entrance? 

We got rid of her.  Happily, she didn't have many groceries. 

We went home.  #2 had a sullen-looking young man loitering outside.  I have seen him before, I assume he lives there.  So much for the "Only a teenage girl and two parents, and no pets." we were promised by the landlord.  He set  off some firecrackers and a Saturn missile today, scaring the hell out of the cats.  I am glad I keep the cats indoors, I have a bad feeling about him. 

I went inside and got Ron indoors, too.  I took a nap and had a pretty good one, but I had a dream my cell phone kept telling me I had a call.  I don't have a talking cell phone, but I did in the dream.  It was odd enough to wake me up. 

I did my God Time and got my head together, did up my medication, watched some TV, did a couple loads of laundry.  My bedspread got off balance in the washer and made some horrible noises during the spin cycle, it even freaked Ron out. 

Happily the washer forgave me and I have the bedspread hanging on the exercise bike, to dry. 

Anyway, I have to go to bed early so I'd better do that.  It's going to be an interesting day tomorrow.  It always is. 

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Spankadoo said...

I love reading your blogs and hope you only post what you want to share with us and never exceed your personal boundaries
Thank you and HAPPY 4th of July

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