Saturday, July 15, 2017

That's one way to do it

Yesterday was a pretty long day.  We went to Sam's Club, went to work, went to the bank, and went home.  I didn't get home until after 4. 

It started out OK.  Ron wanted 2 cases of water at Sam's Club, so I got that.  I was out of Hershey Almond so I got a box of that, too.  We had a pretty good wait on our ride, got loaded up OK, and went to work. 

My shoulder was VERY unhappy manipulating those cases of water.  When we got to work I put them on a cart and told Ron he would have to put them in the fridge.  I left the cart, the one I use for snacks, next to the fridge. 

To me, it was understood Ron would make this a priority, put the water away, and give me back my cart.  Ron decided to stock canned Coke instead. 

I told him I needed the cart to stock my snacks, could I please get it back?  He brought it back with the water still on it. 

I admit I got a little frustrated.  I asked him why he hadn't put the waters into the fridge.  He told me I had asked for the cart, but I hadn't asked for an empty cart. 

This is where I made myself remember what Ron looked like after his accident, with his head split open in two places, huge scab where his forehead used to be, comatose, tubes all over, etc.  Ron has suffered brain damage.  He really didn't understand I wanted an empty cart.  To him, it was "logical" to bring me a loaded cart. 

By this time I had already stocked snacks.  Ron cursed me out and had a tantrum, but eventually put the water away.  God knows my shoulder really hates handling bottled water, so I am going to avoid handling it for the duration. 

We finished up our work and took the money out of the vending machines.  We went to the bank and counted the money (we didn't have time to count it in the stockroom, at work), and made our deposit.  I got paid and we got some fast food on the way home. 

I went to bed early and got up at 5 AM today. 

I am sleeping OK if I take an 8-hour Tylenol before I go to bed, but I am having some anxiety lying in bed, trying to find a comfortable position, attempting to relax enough to fall asleep.  I actually wondered if I was getting manic, or if that decaf soda I drank was really an energy drink in disguise.  But God enabled me to fall asleep and I did. 

I got up this morning and took my shower, got dressed, did my morning routine.  I did do something different this morning.  I brought an insulated tote bag and some solid ice packs. 

Yesterday, while at Sam's, I scoped out their frozen meats.  They had a chicken breast, and a hamburger patty that were already cooked.  They were both reasonable sizes that would fit in my freezer.  I decided to buy them and start eating them as part of my caveman diet. 

Happily they also fit easily into the tote bag, after I paid for them. 

Anyway, we got to Sam's and I bought my stuff (chicken and beef, and also 3 # of organic red grapes because they look delicious and fruit is on my diet), along with all the work stuff.  I paid for everything (keeping my stuff on a separate tab and paying tax for it) and got Ron his hot dog. 

When we go to Sam's, Ron wants a hot dog.  It is easy enough to purchase and it makes him happy.  So I got it for him, he paid for it. 

Jack came a little late but that was OK.  It is his birthday weekend.  We gave him a cash gift in addition to what we normally pay him.  He really liked it.  Good.  I want to make him feel special. 

He helped me unload (as he always does), but I really appreciated it today because of my shoulder!  We got everything in the building and I left the cart with the waters on it, over by the fridge again.   I didn't pay attention but Ron got around to it eventually and brought it to me with no water aboard. 

I put my snacks away (today was basically a buy-it-and-park-it day), and put out some of my new cookies.  Circus animal.  I am not impressed because they are very small portions in the package.  I hope the customers don't get too angry. 

I heard a lot of comments about my grapes, which I had set up next to Ron's "home" wheelchair.  See, Ron has a 17 inch wide, "transport" wheelchair he uses at home and pretty much everywhere but work.  It looks like this:
Except he took off the leg rests. 

His work wheelchair looks like a standard wheelchair, except he took off the arms.  He can carry wide things (like a case of water) in his lap and roll around stocking.  So he keeps that wheelchair at work and uses it only there. 

When he's working, he parks the other chair and leaves it parked at a table.  I put my insulated tote bag and the grapes over there to keep them out of the way and indicate "These are Ron's".  They still kept pestering me about them, though.  I thought it was funny. 

Next time I will hide any fruit I buy in a plastic bag so people can't see it. 

It didn't take us long to finish.  Once we did we put everything up and went outside.  I was carrying my grapes, Ron had left the tote bag on the back of his wheelchair. 

Aaaand, the ride was half an hour late.  I worried about the meat thawing, or the grapes spoiling.  I had also bought a large bag of Walnuts but I wasn't worried about them. 

The driver and I had an interesting discussion.  We were talking about food and he wanted to know where the cut of meat used as a brisket, came from on the cow.  I told him I didn't know.  I don't.  I just looked it up.  It comes from the lower chest of the cow, right above the ribs. 

Good to know. 

The German method sounds good, braise it in dark beer with root vegetables and herbs. 

We got home.  My shoulder was pretty unhappy with my exertions, so I took some 8-hour Tylenol and laid down for a nap.  Biscuit joined me and laid on my legs.  He was very sweet and cute.  I am blessed to know him. 

I could hear thunderstorms rolling in as I lay in bed.  I still wanted to go out for BBQ, though.  When I got up it was raining.  Ron was very unhappy, he got pretty drenched loading onto the paratransit van.  With the large, "white" vans, the lift comes off the side of the vehicle, and lowers to the ground.  The wheelchair passenger rolls into the lift.  The lift slowly raises up until it is level with the floor of the vehicle.  Then the passenger rolls off the lift onto the vehicle.  The driver closes the lift and shuts the doors.  By that time, Ron was soaked. 

She didn't run the air conditioner, which would have frozen us.  We were all 3 pretty soaked. 

We had another pickup, also another wheelchair client.  This lady had wrapped her head in a blanket so she wouldn't get wet.  Her son held a large piece of wood over his mother's head as well.  That's one way to do it. 

After that, we had a straight trip to the BBQ place.  I decided to get a half pound of links and a slice of pie, with a diet soda.  Not exactly caveman diet but better than the usual plate of carbs I generally order.  The manager is still teasing Ron about his decision to have a bottle of beer along with a plate of pancakes, a few weeks ago. 

Ron had a chopped beef sandwich and a diet soda. 

We ate our food, it was very good.  It started raining again. 

I took my pills.  Gotta do that. 

Our ride home was only a little late.  She was taking a client to his job at the nearby Walmart.  Then we had a straight trip home.  I was happy I got the front seat after the other client left.  I really hate those backseat seatbelts.  They are like boa constrictors. 

We got home and I called my parents.  They had made it pretty clear they expected a phone call.  So I did.  We chatted about various things and I tried not to talk too much about the cats when Dad got on the line.  I know he hates cats. 

I find it funny that someone who has such a loathing for cats fathered someone who loves them so much. 

Torbie is laying on my foot right now as I type.  She is such a sweetie.  I feel sorry for the people who had her first, and gave her up.  They must miss her every day.  I would. 

Once I finish this I will check my online forums and then go to bed.  I'm pretty exhausted. 

We have tomorrow off.  I plan to take it easy and start eating my "new" diet. 

I still haven't figured out how I'm going to phase out aspartame. 


Anonymous said...

"But God enabled me to fall asleep and I did." So he can help you fall asleep but he can't heal your shoulder. Comments like these are the exact reason I no longer believe in god.

Heather Knits said...

Well, for someone who has faith, no explanation is necessary, for someone who doesn't, no explanation will suffice. Forget who said it but I like the saying.

Maybe God isn't healing my shoulder to remind me to take it easy and have Ron do more heavy lifting at work. I tend to rescue him a lot. The Tylenol helps a lot.

I have to take Torbie to the vet this week for her shots. Once I have that done I will probably go see my primary doc and get some naproxen or some other heavy-duty, non-narcotic, NSAID.

Anonymous said...

Heather do I know you from the Atkins bb?
I'm back on low carb...have been for months now.
If I avoid carbs and the weight falls off that makes it obvious to me how bad the simple carbs are.
I get my carbs from fruit, berries are best.

Heather Knits said...

Yes, I was on LCF as Houston Heather.

I work with delicious, carby, snack foods. That has been a problem for me. I also know that aspartame makes me hungrier. The Atkins frankenfoods didn't work for me, and caused cravings and weight gain.

I am trying to find a way of eating that will work for me long term.

Anonymous said...

Houston Heather yep I remember you. Small world. ((Hugs))

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