Thursday, July 27, 2017

Soda eve

I had a somewhat aggravating trip to Walmart this morning. 

I didn't sleep very well (I thought I didn't need a Naproxen), and got up around 1 and took one with some milk and a handful of pecans.  My stomach was OK with that.  I sat up for a while and made sure I was OK, then went back to bed. 

I got up some hours later, fed the cats, usual morning routine. 

We went to Walmart.  I needed, most importantly, a 4-pack of Advantage II for cats, large size.  For large cats, I mean. 

On the way over there I found a package of bacon bits.  Those will make my daily kale rations a lot more interesting. I put them in the cart. 

When I got over to pet medicines I found all the Advantage, and many other medications, in a cage.  Locked.  I had Ron call the store and send someone to open it.  So far, so good. 

The woman showed up pretty fast, opened the cage, and got me the medicine.  I need to apply it to all 3 cats, on the first. 

She said I had to pay for it immediately.  The nearest cash register was in the electronics department.  We went there. 

She rang it up.  Both items.  $55.96 cents.  No problem.  I handed her my last $60.  She hit the "cash" button and it didn't tell her what change to give.  She was really upset and baffled. 

I would have told her, when you hit the cash button it thinks the customer gave you exact change.  She clearly didn't know how to operate a register. 

She got very flustered and started screaming for someone to come help.  I told her "Just give me my $4.06."  No, she said, she couldn't do that, because the register would be short. 

No, it wouldn't because I gave you $60.  I didn't say it but I sure thought it.  I couldn't help but think how many of those "cashless society" advocates would be promoting this as a reason to get rid of cash.  She fumbled around with the receipt, and a calculator, for a while, and finally said "I owe you $4.06, but I have to check with someone first before I give it to you."  I wanted to bash my head into the counter.  I had a limited amount of time and she was eating it all up. 

Someone came and finally told her it was OK to give me my change, and the receipt, and stuffed it into my bag. 

Finally.  I got my other things, (I had texted Ron to hold off on calling any cab drivers until I contacted him again), and checked out.  This time the cashier didn't have any problems ringing me up. 

I was hungry.  I went to McDonald's.  They were only doing breakfast.  I asked for two a la carte eggs, and two sausage patties.  I had read somewhere you can do that.  It took a while but they got me my food. 

Ron contacted the repairman, who says he can get the machines moved on Monday, if he gets some help.  I am sure the maintenance guys would be happy to help him, if he can't get someone on his own. 

We called one of our cab drivers, who, as it turns out, knows all of our other cab drivers.  Interesting.  I guess they talk about their customers. 

We went in the house and I put my sausage patties away.  I took a nap.  Since I have to get up very early tomorrow I wanted to get all the sleep I could, today. 

Oh, weird thing.  Our garbage did not need to go out this week, so I didn't take it.  I saw a garbage can in our driveway yesterday and this morning.  I thought it was awfully lazy of #6 not to get their garbage can, if I had 6 kids they would all be doing chores. 

When we left today I discovered it was our can.  Apparently #6, or someone, came in our yard and took the garbage out for us, even though it didn't need to go.  Odd.  I guess they meant well but it was unnecessary. 

I found it a little creepy.  I don't like people on my property without permission. 

Anyway, I had a pretty good nap.  I have been hungry all day, though.  I have eaten a bunch of stuff that is on my diet plan and still hungry.  I think it's because I am higher carb this time.  But I can't stand to go back to a steady diet of sausage, greens, cheese, and fats.  I want something fun now and then. 

We will see.  I am still down 5 pounds.  My cycle should start by the end of the week so that is always good for a little weight loss. 

Good news is, I'm not gaining. 

Ron woke up a little after I did and wanted to talk.  Instead of "verbal abuse" I suppose you would call it "verbal praise" "I can't live without you, you are so wonderful, etc." 

Of course believing that means I have to believe all the horrible stuff he says too. 

We talked a little and he went back to his room, I fed the cats, and now I'm getting ready to go to bed. 

Tomorrow is soda delivery day. 

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