Monday, July 17, 2017

"I don't think he's drunk enough to try goat"

Ron can be very ugly when he's drinking. 

He's cursing me out right now, I'll explain "why" he thinks he needs to do this in a minute.  But right now it is one curse word and derogatory phrase after another. 

I didn't sleep very well last night, my shoulder was bothering me pretty bad.  It is very hard to find a comfortable sleeping position.  When I lay on my back, the muscles spasm until it calms down.  Once it has calmed down I can fall asleep and sleep OK (I am taking 8-hour Tylenol for pain).  Sleeping on my side is impossible. 

I got up a couple times, which was a problem, because everytime I laid back down my shoulder would yell at me for a while.  So I tried to combine drink of water/bathroom run as much as possible.  At any rate I slept well enough, and had some energy for today. 

I got up and did my usual morning routine.  I am still eating protein bars in the morning just for lack of something simpler.  I also have a Diet Mountain Dew, not "paleo" by any means but I am trying to taper. 

We went to work.  Our ride was about half an hour late.  It's a good thing I didn't actually have to be at work by our appointment time.  If I had to rely on paratransit to get me to work on time, I'd be fired.  They can be very unreliable. 

Too many people on the lifeboat.  In my opinion, a lot of people riding paratransit shouldn't be.  They can walk to the bus stop on their own.  I have actually seen one client walk over a mile, dragging a heavy cart, one day.  Hopefully they are weeding people out as much as possible, because the system can only support so many people. 

Anyway, we got to work OK and I got set up.  I had to do snacks, they looked pretty bad.  I got the cart and loaded it up with all my merchandise.  I pretty much brought "everything" chip related out on the cart to stock.  I got that done, I did some candy bars.  I did cookies.  I did not have time to do pastry and I feel bad about that but I did what I could in the time I had. 

I didn't move any cases of drinks.  I had Ron do that.  He was (at that point and time in the day) supportive and understanding.  He was challenged at times by some of the exertion but he did OK.  We got everything stocked, and then replaced what had been stocked, in the fridge, so we have one case of every drink, cold and ready to go. 

I got sandwiches.  He is unhappy they added more work to his route, and has modified his "I can be there by" time by half an hour.  Ron wasn't happy to hear that. 

I came in and stocked the sandwiches.  I chatted a little with the other vendors.  One of them said I need to get painkillers (prescription) and muscle relaxers.  I plan to see my doctor later this week so hopefully - never mind, I know God will guide him on what I need to get better.  I am also considering getting a sling so I don't use the arm any more than I have to. 

About this time Ron went off on me for something I forget, screaming curses at me and generally being ugly.  It is so unprofessional to act like that. 

Pretty soon we were done.  I pushed Ron outside.  Again, they were late, significantly so, which left us baking like turnips out in the summer heat and sun.  Ron hid under a tree.  I sat on the bench where
the driver would be able to see me.  I was frankly happy to be away from Mr. Ugly. 

We went home.  I took more 8-hour Tylenol and laid down for a nap.  Biscuit and Torbie joined me.  Biscuit lying between my legs like I'd birthed him, Torbie by my head. 

Usually, when my alarm goes off, I get up, hit the snooze a few times, roll over and go back to sleep.  But if I get up to turn off the alarm it aggravates my shoulder and makes it impossible to lie down and relax, again.  I got up. 

While I'd been "sleeping", Ron decided to get very drunk and pass out in his wheelchair, in the hall.  Happily he was done with the abusive jerk portion of the program. 

He had a hard time getting up, when his alarm went off.  He's the one who basically demanded to go to the pupusa place again today, so he could get a bean and cheese burrito.  I reminded him of that when he complained. 

He finally got up and dressed.  He had a wine stain on his shirt.  I doubt that will come out but we will see on laundry day.  I just bought that shirt. 

Our ride was late, again, but not too bad.  He said he'd had to go around an accident on the freeway. 

We got to the pupusa place and there was a note in Spanish, on the door.  Translated "Sorry, no electrical.  Closed,  Have a nice day". 

Well, shit.  Ron handled it pretty well, probably because he was, I think, still pretty drunk.  I looked at the food places in the strip mall: the bad BBQ place, the closed pupusa place, and a Caribbean place.  Everytime we have gone to the strip mall, the Caribbean place has always seemed to be busy, so I figured why not take a chance?  We didn't really have a choice. 

So we went.  They only had about 5 things on the menu, curry, jerk chicken, curried goat, and some other things I forget.  I was a little leery about trying them.  I saw something off to the side.  They were bread "pouches" surrounding some sort of filling.  I asked what they were.  "Beef Patties". 

I got 2 of them, once she assured me they were not "hot" spicy.  When I ate them, they were very filling and had an interesting, mild, flavor. 

Ron was curious about the curried goat, but decided against it in favor of the jerk chicken.  The owner asked him why he didn't want the goat, and I said "I don't think he's drunk enough to try goat".  I got Ron a ginger beer (good for the digestion) and myself two cans of Diet Coke. 

We sat down.  I ate most of my beef patties and gave Ron the remaining 25% of one patty I hadn't been able to finish.  He liked it too.  He enjoyed the jerk chicken, and the plaintains, but didn't like the rice.  He said it had a strange spice in it. 

Well, Ron, that's kind of the point when you're eating ethnic food: strange spices.  I suggested he ask for "no rice" next time.  He agreed. 

We left and waited outside the pupusa place.  We had set our pickup for there so we couldn't change it. 

The waitress was very nice, brought us each a diet Coke and brought me a chair.  I thought that was very sweet.  Ron gave her some money. 

He was not clear on who the money was for, she came out and said thank you. 

To my understanding, you just gave her a nice tip, and I'm sure she thinks that too. 

The owner came out and explained they had a small fire and would be out of order for a couple days.  Ouch. 

Our ride came and we left.  One of the other clients in the vehicle, who didn't speak good English, accused Ron of being drunk.  He probably still was. 

What could I say to that?  I just kept talking to the driver. 

We got home and found #6's yard guy had parked his trailer, completely blocking our driveway.  I was not happy I had to push Ron out of the street and all the way up the driveway.  Ron was complaining and cussing the guy out, I said don't do that, because he wants us to get upset.  Us getting upset is his payoff.  Just ignore it all and he doesn't get his prize. 

When we got in the house, Ron said he was going to ask the owner of the pupusa place if she got "her money" the next time we went, and make sure the waitress had given it to the boss. 

To my logic, he gave the money to the waitress.  I don't recall him saying anything to her about giving the money to the boss.  I said that and I also said it would be unfair to get the waitress into trouble over the "tip".  "The money went where it needed to go" I told him "The woman lives on tips and she hasn't gotten any all day". 

That's when he went off on me for "giving unwanted advice" and "Trying to control him".  No, I'm trying to make sure a really sweet girl does not get fired because Ron was a bad communicator.   Not fair.  Not cool. 

If I have to, I will give Ron the money myself just to make sure he doesn't get this girl fired.  He didn't say "Give this to your boss".  He said "I want you to have this".  Not fair.  She probably really needs that money and how cruel is it to come along after the fact and say "That was for your boss". 

I am pretty upset about this. 

Ugh.  I don't think those Jamaican beef patties are settling very well.  I keep burping spices.  At least they got along with my medication, and didn't interact in any way. 

Ron "forgot" to call in my trip to Walmart tomorrow so I will have to pay for a ride or go on Wednesday after we, I mean I, take Torbie to the vet. 

My shoulder is yelling at me so I'm going to cut it short. 

Have a good one. 


Anonymous said...

Pushing that wheelchair probably aggravates your shoulder too.
I've pushed my dad I know how hard it is.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a rotator cuff injury. They are pretty bad. You have to do stretching exercises with it daily or you could get a cold shoulder (a real thing). Good luck.

Heather Knits said...

They sent home a folder full of exercises for Ron to do, when he left rehab. I can certainly do the shoulder ones.

I am trying to let my left arm do most of the heavy lifting these days, while being careful not to make it mad, too.

Anonymous said...

Just came across a blog about zero carb diet you might enjoy.

Spankadoo said...

How about some tiger balm?

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