Monday, July 24, 2017

I never said that


Ron is absolutely raving.  Why?  Because I "insulted" him again. 

I think the first "insult" was when I told him he needed to take a bath before he went to the doctor's office tomorrow.  He says he will just use the bath wipes.  I told him that's not good enough, he needs a full bath.  He says no.  So I will tell the doctor, myself "I asked him to take a bath". 

Later on, we went out in the back yard.  I reminded him the gate opens outward.  He got very offended and accused me of "insulting" him.  Why?  I tell everyone the gate opens outward! 

We went out back. 

See, I need to explain, on Saturday Ron called the electric company during the power outage.  They said the power was fine, we had to check the breaker box, nothing was wrong on their end.   [Later on they admitted it would be a couple of hours before the power came back.]

Ron insisted I go check.  So I went.  Buckets of water were coming off the roof and drowning me as I looked at the box.  It was fine.  Then I couldn't get it closed. 


It was right outside Ron's bedroom window so I asked him to take a crack at it, but he said he couldn't reach it properly.  Well, yesterday I had the migraine and we had to wait for the mud to harden in the side yard anyway. 

So, we did it today. 

Anyway, we're out back.  Ron had a roll of duct tape and some scissors in case he couldn't shut the door.  He did manage to get it. 


As we were coming back, I noticed the scissors were gone.  "Where are the scissors?" I asked.  Ron blew up and accused me of "insulting" him, first by telling him the gate opens outward and secondly when I asked about the scissors. 

I told him, I tell everyone about the gate, anyone who wants to come in the yard.  I didn't see the scissors so I asked about them, so I wouldn't have to go back for them.  No big deal.  You are taking innocent questions/statements and turning them into attacks. 

He does this a lot.  He blows things out of proportion.  I remind him to take his vitamins and he'll say something like "You think I'm stupid?" 

I never said that. 

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