Saturday, July 29, 2017

Full Meal

I slept OK last night, thank God.  I woke up pretty tired, did my morning routine. 

For now, I am skipping breakfast and waiting until I am hungry.  We will see how that goes. 

We left the house and went to the Sam's Club.  I parked Ron at a table while I got some help to go load my flatbed.  A very nice man named Mike helped me load everything, even the snacks. 

My shoulder wasn't bugging me but I didn't want to push it.  I paid and waited with Ron.  Ron wanted a hot dog; they weren't ready yet.  He had a tantrum and sulked.  Then he did his usual negative and depressing talk for a while. 

If he had been like that when we were dating, there wouldn't have been a second date! 

I actually left him, at one point, to go buy a bunch of bananas, just to get away from him.  I did get 3# of bananas for $1.38, which took up the last of my pay.  I went back.  Ron was better but not upbeat. 

Jack came.  I got someone to help him load the truck.  We went to work.  I got the carts.  My shoulder didn't hurt when I put the mag liner on top of the other carts; it was killing me last week.  So my shoulder is a lot better. 

I was actually able to help him unload the truck this week, which made me feel better.  Of course I took him some cold drinks, he needed them! 

We finished up pretty quick (it was mainly a lot of soda, minimal chips, and some candy), and parted ways.  I got everything into the building (I was particularly worried about the chocolate). 

I met one of the custodians, who said they heard we will be moving our machines on Monday, so they can clean.  Good.  Ron had made a phone call but I wasn't sure they would actually be ready to do it, on Monday.  It is, to me, a waste of time and energy to move all these vending machines to clean a little grime on the floor, but it's not my facility. 

The other vendor had all her machines moved out into a hallway (unplugged) so they could lay a new floor.  The old floor is only 4 years old.  Apparently they are taking my advice, I have always told the custodians it never made sense to me, to have a white floor, because they are always cleaning it.  A dark colored floor, like they used to have in the "old" cafeteria, makes much better sense.  At least to me.  Like I said, it's not my facility. 

We didn't have much time so I went to work stocking.  I will have all the other vendor's customers coming in this weekend.  I might as well take advantage of the business.  I wish we had scheduled more time because I could have done more.  But I did the best I could with the time I had. 

We left and waited outside.  It wasn't too bad, hot and sunny, but with a breeze that made the heat much more tolerable.  We had a straight ride home. 

I took a nap.  Ron told me he had made a trip to the "good" mall (we are located between two malls, a notorious ghetto mall and a much nicer, more affluent, one).  He wanted to get some food at the food court. 

That was fine.  I set my alarm.  After I got up Ron said he had cancelled it because they couldn't promise him a good trip. 

I could have had a nice long nap.  But that was out.  I had already been up for a while, and dressed, when he told me.  Oh, well. 

Now he told me he scheduled another trip to the mall during my nap time, tomorrow.  I'm sure he wasn't thinking but I wish he would. 

I haven't been very hungry today, which is good.  I plan to eat some kale with bacon bits, and some link sausage, for dinner when I do eat.  If I didn't have to take my medication I would probably just have a light snack, but the lithium wants a FULL MEAL when I take it. 

Biscuit keeps digging his claws into my leg, purring, trying to accelerate his dinnertime.  He still has another hour. 

His "chub" (the fat that hangs down between his back legs) is developing less volume, so the diet is working.  Of course he doesn't understand. 

He probably thinks he is "dying" like he was when he got dumped in the woods as a kitten.  He feels the hunger pains and thinks "Oh no!  Not again!" 

Hunger can be an issue for me because I was neglected and left starving in my crib for hours on end, when I was a baby and toddler.  I watch that I don't revive bad old memories. 

That is funny.  My playlist (set for random) just came up with "Mirror" by Barlow Girl, right as Ron came into the room.  It is about an anorexic girl, but can also apply to verbal abuse. 

I have often been tempted to play it at Ron when he is castigating me "You don't define me!" 

Anyway, here is a link, with subtitles, if you are interested.

OK, I'm starting to get hungry so I think I will go ahead and fix my dinner.  Nothing good on TV so I may be back later, or I may go to bed earlier. 

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Spankadoo said...

Poor chubby biscuit LOLOL he has a wonderful life who are we kidding ? More pictures of the kitties would be great!

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