Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A lot about 8-hour Tylenol

I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday.  This neck/shoulder thing is killing me.  It is better with some 8-hour Tylenol, I can sleep at least, not great but sleeping and dreaming at least. 

I will try not to whine.  Yesterday was pretty quiet.  We tried to go to work, but the system (paratransit) was down and did not get "up" again for over 2 hours.  We had about a half hour at work. 

We did that, then went to Walmart.  Doc has written a prescription for one valium, for Ron to take before he does his next MRI.  I am not sure if Doc understands Ron was fine, emotionally, in the MRI chamber.  He has done it before. 

I would probably need a valium, though. 

Ron had severe pain which caused spasms in his leg, which prevented the MRI.  Not sure if doc can write a prescription for something to help with that. 

We may need to just go see Doc and talk it out that way.  Doc does know about Ron's drinking. 

So, I got the prescription, and got some spray and adhesive pain patches.  The adhesive stuff was great until it came time to pull it off.  Talk about pain!  I will only use those in emergencies.  That's some good glue, let me tell you. 

Ron had offered me the 8-hour Tylenol, he doesn't like it for his pain but it works great for mine.  He is a sweetie and is hating to see me hurt (not whining!).  I find it charming. 

I would rather not be hurting, but if I have to at least he is sympathetic about it.  Sometimes he is not.  I am still able to work and I can take care of myself.  I just took out the garbage.  I can clean the boxes and feed the cats.  So it's OK. 

I got a few little things for us (shampoo for me, popcorn for Ron, he's been on a popcorn kick lately), and then checked out.  Lou was a little late but that was OK. 

When he pulled up, some woman with a huge rolling cart stuffed with groceries ran out and tried to open his door.  He put on the door locks until she went away. 

Then I started putting the wheelchair, etc., in the back compartment.  She gave me a really filthy look but hey, it's our cab, go make some friends with cab drivers and you can get your own.   It didn't help she didn't speak English. 

We got in and left.  We went home and I tried the 8-hour stuff.  It worked, I was able to take a nap.  Most importantly, I was able to roll over and put my weight on my right arm/elbow without excruciating pain.  I roll over and put my weight on my arm when I am changing position or getting out of bed, so I need to be able to do that. 

I was also very grateful I had never been shot, or broken my arm.  It would be just about impossible to sleep that way.  I try to focus on the gratitude or at the very least "It could be worse" end of things. 

At the least of it, I'm a lot better off than Ron. 

I got up and ate a bowl of cereal while watching the Captain America marathon, then I took another 8-hour Tylenol and went to bed.  I slept pretty well except for the fireworks.  Even after the medication wore off, I was still able to roll over and get out of bed OK. 

This morning, I got up, fed the cats, took a shower, and got dressed.  Biscuit tried to get in the shower with me, which I always find adorable.  He sits in the back of the shower and meows at me while I talk to him. 

Then, sometimes, (not today), he will lie on the tub mat right outside the shower when he's done. 

Ron and I are going out to eat then coming home again.  I took out the trash already, the house stank of rotting, half-eaten, cat food.  I used tome febreeze air effects to kill the stench. 

I would be sitting in my chair watching Supernatural but Torbie has taken my chair over so I am left with sitting on the loveseat or catching up on my blog. 

I plan to do my God Time after my nap, when I get home from the food place.  I need to get ready for that. 

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Anonymous said...

My dogs try to sit in my favorite chair it's their favorite too.
I make them share it with me so I can pet them.

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