Monday, July 24, 2017

I did it!

I had the migraine all night.  I took some Excedrin at 4 AM.  I was trying to avoid Tylenol, as I suspect I am getting rebound headaches from using it so much the last couple weeks.  But, I was desperate.  I couldn't work in my current condition and I had to get some relief.

So I took it around 4, and went back to bed until 5.  I felt appreciably better around wakeup time and did my usual morning routine. 

I have learned, during/after a migraine, not to eat until I am actively hungry.  Otherwise the headache comes back, I get queasy, etc.  So I didn't eat.  I can "eat my chub" as I tell the cats when they're begging (eat your chub!). 

I did weigh myself and, depressingly, I was the same weight I had been Friday.  That's what I get for staying hydrated, I guess. 

That'll teach me to weigh.  Maybe I need to get myself another tape measure.  That would be a good idea. 

Since the garage door wasn't connected (I was still pretty groggy and didn't want to attempt it) we went out through the front door.  That worked OK. 

So, we went to work.  It didn't suck.  I could stock without much pain and Ron was very helpful when it came to moving the big stuff.  I actually see an end of the road on this whole shoulder thing.

Bad news, the power surge when the started up the power again at work (they had the power down for 12 hours to service the electrical components) fried the LED'S on our bottled vendor.  All the other machines were OK.  The food machine, properly, shut down.  It got up to 67 degrees in there which is well out of the health zone.  I reset it and removed the single sandwich that went bad. 

I saw my bag of pecans on the shelf in the stockroom and thought "Hm, I could eat".  I ate a handful.  I ate another handful later, before we left. 

I did all my stocking and helped Ron with his.  I also got our sandwiches. 

The other vendor's employee was very nice.  They had a couple of empty carts.  Ron had just loaded our only cart with all the drinks for the bottled vendor (the lack of lights isn't slowing them too much).  I asked him if I could borrow one of his carts to go get (both) our sandwiches.  He said sure and I was able to do that easily. 

While Ron has been able to move cases of bottled drinks, I don't want to abuse him.  We can't afford to have both of us down right now. 

Overall, I was delighted, my arm was a lot better.  Apparently, a day and a half flat on my back was just what the doctor ordered. 

We left a little early.  I used my sunglasses.  I don't want another migraine.  We had a straight ride home. 

When she let him down on the lift, I saw how I might have injured my arm.  He was sitting on the lift, at the foot of the driveway.  How tempting to reach in with one arm and pull him out!  I used both arms, and I plan to for the future. 

We went in the front door.  I had to hold Biscuit back and it was aggravating for Ron. 

I went out and looked at the garage door again.  There was a shiny, stainless steel bracket at the top of the door.  There was a shiny metal bracket, looking very similar, at the back end of the chain, near the motor.  I was sure those two pieces went together, and whoever said "Raise the door" probably had it right. 

I was pretty hungry, though.  I ate some sausage links, grapes, and a big bowl of veggies with ranch dip.  I have eaten way more vegetables, of late. 

Ron called the company.  They wouldn't give him an estimate over the phone, but would send someone out.  Ron made me, to my way of thinking, sound like an idiot who couldn't figure something simple out. 

Everyone kept telling me how easy it was, but no one (except my readers) was telling me how

I decided to have another look.  I raised the door and played around with the release until I heard a loud THUNK.  I looked.  Something appeared to be hooked into the chain now. 

Here goes nothing.  I hit the button, and the door went down.  Yay! 

I told Ron to cancel the service call.  He was very happy.  I told him he owed me the cost of the service call.  He laughed. 

While eating, I managed to get grease/oil on two shirts, and spill tea on a third shirt.  I need to take my shirt off at home, when I am eating.  Ketogenic dieting is great, but fatty.  All those fats would love to fall on my clothes.  Thank God for my Shout gel.  If I feel better later, I will run a load of laundry. 

I also need to clean the litterboxes. 

After all the excitement, I decided to take a nap.  I did not sleep well with the migraine last night, it was one of my more vicious ones. 

I had a pretty good nap but sad dreams/nightmares before I woke up.  I woke up with a mild to moderate headache.  I decided to take a couple of aspirin. 

It has kicked in by now but I'm still really tired.  They call it "Post-ictal" what you have after a seizure, or a migraine, really tired, groggy, etc.  It is almost as bad as a migraine. 

But, thanks to you guys, I managed to fix the garage door, and I know how to do it now.  Ron and I are in agreement we will not use the garage door during an active thunderstorm.  Good. 

If the motor goes out, I'm going to tell Ron I really think we need to get a manual door. 

Off I go.  I have litter boxes to clean and laundry to run.  Tomorrow I see the doctor.   


Anonymous said...

I knew you could do it! You just needed to sleep on it overnight. I mean you fix the coin jams and stuff at work. The garage door was a piece of cake. Shame on that scammer garage door company for not telling you how much to have them come out. I am so excited that you fixed it. They would have charged you so much too do it. Now you will never have to call them for that problem again. You are the queen of the garage door.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the door!

Heather Knits said...

Like I keep telling Ron, YOU guys rock for telling me how to do it.

"Open the door!"

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