Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Now I have to go to the dentist.

Well, lunch was a little more exciting than I'd hoped. 

We went to one of those "Seafood boat" restaurants.  I don't know if they have them where you live.  It is a restaurant, built like a boat, with a "cabin" and a "deck".  They do all the food prep and serve some food in the cabin, especially during bad weather.  The deck is usually covered so Ron and I sit there. 

We got there early, no big deal.  They got us some drinks and we waited until they opened.  Ron got an order of diablo shrimp (shrimp, with a jalapeno slice, wrapped in bacon and broiled - they are very popular in Houston, but have different names).  I got the fish and shrimp basket with 2 catfish fillets and 4 fried shrimp, with hushpuppies, and fries.  My whole meal cost about $7-8.  Good food.  I had a slice of key lime pie for dessert ($4), but I'm getting ahead of myself. 

Ron ordered some hushpuppies to go with his shrimp and he ate them.  He told me everytime he eats shrimp he thinks about the story I told him, the first time I ate shrimp. 

My older stepsiblings (a boy and a girl) decided to tease me and told me the tail was the "good" part of the shrimp, to eat that.  So, I did.  My dad looked at my plate and asked me why I hadn't eaten my shrimp, I told him "I did, Daddy" and then he told me to eat the "real" part of the shrimp, the tails were not food and to be thrown away.  I felt pretty foolish as I ate the shrimp, but had to agree it was much better than the tail! 

So, everytime Ron encounters a shrimp tail he thinks of that story.  I ate my seafood and everything was going swimmingly (if you'll excuse a bad pun) until I noticed my back right molar (#2) felt kind of odd, like something was caught in it.  Something sharp. 

To my horror, I realized that part of my filling had broken off while I was eating.  I have a jagged edge in my mouth now.  Not what I wanted. 

Now, I heard the dentist say they have a 1 year guarantee on all fillings so it will be free to fix, but still, I'm walking around with an incomplete tooth until Tuesday (Ron called and scheduled me).   No pain, but I am taking painkillers for my shoulder/neck thing. 

We came home and I took a nap.  I had a pretty good one.  When I woke up I took some aspirin to get me through to 9:30, when I will take another dose of 8-hour stuff.  The pain is slowly getting better. 

On my Facebook feed, I actually had a post from 3 years ago talking about exactly the same pain, so this is just something I have to live with.  Like I told Ron, I don't have any tingling or weakness so I don't think there's anything they can do to help. 

I might consider going to a chiropractor if it stays bad, but, like I said, it does seem to be getting better. 

Sorry!  No whining. 

I got up and brought in the garbage can, checked the mail, etc.  I fed the cats because Biscuit kept bugging me, then he got on my lap.  He's pretty cute. 

I have some photos, I figured out where they were hiding in my phone.  Some of these are older, and not from today, but you get the idea. 

Ron and Torbie:
 Biscuit in my lap:

I thought about putting up the "blood on the floor from when Ron fell off the walker and split the back of his head open" photos but they are really gruesome and look like a crime scene.  And people will just judge anyway.  I plan to keep those for self defense if Ron actually does manage to injure himself one night, I can show these and say "I tried to help him, he has a history". 

I'm going to go.  I plan to do some organizing in the front room. 

Ron is still taking his Neurontin and has been in less pain (I don't know if he made the correlation, but I did, he isn't shouting in pain and jerking his leg today), so hopefully he will keep that up.  He had a blackout last night and was very worried he might have been cruel to me, but I told him he just kept going in and out of the garage. 

This morning, I threw away an empty wine box and 3 empty cases of vodka that had been living in the garage.  If it is clearly trash, it is going out to the street.  I just put the cases by the garbage can, they wouldn't have fit into it.  Yes, it screams that someone in the house is a lush, and they probably think it is me, but I'm OK with that.  Either some hoarder or the recycle person came by while we were at lunch, and took them.  Good. 

I have trouble figuring out how to organize things.  That causes me to have clutter and chaos in the house.  I also have energy issues. 

However, I think at the end of it, I am not a hoarder because I am ALWAYS happy to get rid of stuff.  Hoarders freak. 

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Spankadoo said...

I am the same way as you are I can clutter up a space but not a hoarder. The cats are darling thanks for sharing and so sorry about your tooth darn!

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