Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My Saturday

It was a pretty quiet day today. 

I slept in until about 7:30.  I heard the little dogs next door (at #2) yapping away in their yard all morning.  Good thing I don't sleep late. 

I got up, took my shower, and did my God Time.  I didn't eat because we were going out to get chicken later.  Looking back, I probably should have had a small energy bar or something because I had a long wait. 

Ron woke up and I got him ready.  He divulged he has been "hiding" 7 dirty t-shirts so I took them away and put them in the dirty clothes pile.  No wonder he ran out of pocket t-shirts. 

Our ride came early to take us to the chicken place.  We had to pick up someone else on the way and it was almost tragic.  It was an older lady, a grandmother, who clearly had 2 small children at the house.  There were several cars in the driveway, and the garage door was open.  The baby toddled out to the street and was wandering around the cab.  I said something to the driver, who said something to the old lady, who said something to the little girl (maybe 5 years old, in my opinion far too young to be babysitting an active toddler).   Had I not said something, the baby could have wandered farther out in the street and been run over by a passing car, or run over by the actual paratransit cab, because you can't see things at that level. 

I think.  At any rate I am always hearing of toddlers getting run over so I was glad I saw him before it got tragic. 

Whenever I see "loose" children outside on our block I always warn the driver, because none of their parents have apparently taught them to stay out of the street. I don't want to be sitting in a cab that runs over a kid and then have to live with the rest of that, lawsuits, trial, etc. for the rest of my life. 

What ever happened to spanking the kid when it ran out in the street?  It's what my parents did, and Ron's. 

Ron was annoyed because he had assumed it was a straight trip, and the old lady took her sweet time getting into the cab, "finding" her pass and ID, etc.  He didn't say anything to her but I could feel his impatience. 

We finally went to the chicken place.  I did not tell Ron about the dead roach on the floor, I didn't find that a good omen.  It was run by a people-group I associate with being "clean freaks" so I was pretty surprised to see the dead roach.  I would have thought they'd see it and whisk it away, and then mop the whole floor with something antibacterial to boot. 

Happily for them, we were not the health department.  Ron wasn't sure what he wanted.  I read him the menu a couple of times until he decided. 

I ordered a chicken fried steak with brown gravy and extra biscuits instead of my side order.  I received a side order with my meal, Ron wanted cole slaw so I got that and gave that to him.  They gave me a spork with which to eat my chicken fried steak.  It was very difficult to use the spork to cut up the meal.  Next time I will bring my own knife and fork. 

It was hot and fresh, just out of the fryer and cooked to order.  Ron enjoyed his chicken but dropped his biscuit on the floor (next to the roach) when I was getting the soda (Diet Coke). 

Our pickup to go home came early, Ron was upset about that.  He was almost finished, though, so we left when he was done.  We had a straight trip home and I took my meds (the whole day's worth) and took a nap. 

Biscuit and Torbie joined me.  Biscuit slept by my legs, and Torbie slept on my left, by my face.  They are so sweet, they are just gifts to me from God. 

I tried to pet Baby Girl last night and she bit me.  Not hard, but she bit me.  Baby Girl is not as social a cat.  I wonder if I did something "wrong" when she was a kitten to make her that way or whether it's just her personality. 

I slept for a couple of hours.  The garbage truck woke me up.  I got dressed, went outside, and put up my can. I watched a little TV and got on the computer a little. 

My mood has been OK, just tired but that is always medication.  I have been taking the stuff for 11 years, I have forgotten what "not tired" feels like. 

Sometimes I wonder about an employer reading this   I should say I have worked tired, sick, no sleep, Ron up all night verbally abusing me, almost any circumstance.  One time I went to work vomiting into a bucket because the food machine was down and needed fixing.  I have worked with migraines, colds, bladder infections, and sinus infections.  I have worked with back pain, foot pain, and broken toes.  And I have done a good job. 

Now it's time to go to bed with a cat(s) who love me. 

Have a good one. 

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Anonymous said...

Chicken fried steak is one of my favoirites i would have made little sandwiches with the biscuits! YUMMMM

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