Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A trip to the vet

I did not sleep well last night, at least I had a hard time falling asleep, and then a hard time staying asleep.  But once I went to bed again for the second time, I slept OK. 

I got up, took my shower, and got dressed.  I got the heavy duty cat carrier out of the garage and kept a sharp eye on Torbie.  She wasn't hiding, she didn't know what I had planned. 

Chuck pulled up a little after 9 AM so I grabbed a protesting Torbie and shoved her in her box.  She fought me on it, but I got her in there even with the bad shoulder.  I carried her with my left arm as much as possible.  I got to Chuck's truck and put her in the back, and off we went.  She was making a lot of noise. 

She calmed down when we got to the vet.  I think, every time I put her in her carrier, she thinks I am taking her back to the shelter.  I wouldn't do that, she's a good cat.  But old trauma lingers, I guess. 

The tech came in and asked if Torbie is an inside or outside cat.  That answer is a little complicated, we have a catio.  I had to explain it is a big cage, outside, for the cats to play. 

The vet came in and was thrilled to hear about the catio, and wanted photos. 
I showed her one and she was really impressed, said all cat lovers need to do this.  I agree, if you can, build a catio for your cat.  We control access via a pet door mounted into our sliding glass door.  We can still go in and out, the cats can go outside whenever they want, and nothing unwanted can get into the house. 

Like Ron said "The cat food started lasting a lot longer once we did the catio" (before, we just had a cat door). 

The vet continued her exam.  Torbie was still 12.5 pounds, impressive with all the treats Ron's been distributing lately.  She would like to see Torbie lose another pound or so.  She did her exam, everything seemed to be normal. 

I told the vet tech the story of how Torbie chose me on adoption day, getting into my lap the minute I sat down and refusing to leave.  She is such a sweetie (Torbie). 

The vet decided to cut Torbie's nails (our request, she has been snagging them a lot lately) before doing the shots.  Torbie struggled like she was being raped, letting out pathetic little mews as she battled the vet and her tech. 

I can only imagine how she fought getting her blood drawn, last month.  The vet got them all trimmed to a nice short length.  I was very pleased. 

About this time I brought up the Icy Hot spray and the cats' odd reactions.  She read the label and said it has propylene glycol, which is bad for cats, and not to use it on myself if they were going to lick it.  I said that was fine, the salonpas worked better anyway. 

We talked about Biscuit's weight gain, and she said to cut back on his dry food.  I'll do that, he doesn't really care what he eats as long as he gets it twice a day. 

The vet gave Torbie her shots, which went well.  When the vet brought the carrier back to the table top, with the door open, Torbie ran right in.  It was cute. 

Then pick Torbie up with the left arm, and go pay.  It wasn't too bad, considering she is good for a whole year now.  Chuck waited for us, and took me back home.  I paid him, of course. 

He told me all about his adopted dog and how much fun they're having.  Good.   I think, if possible, everyone should have a pet.  Now, major depressives and some other ailments may have trouble taking care of a pet, but if you can, you should, in my opinion. 

I always like those stories of people going to the shelter and asking for the least adoptable pet, which turns out to be the best pet.  We came home. 

I liberated Torbie and gave her some treats.  I put the carrier back in the garage.  I caught Baby Girl sniffing Torbie with an interested expression "Oh, you've been to the vet".  We had a trip to Walmart, later, so I took a nap. 

I didn't have Torbie this time, not surprising, really.  Biscuit ran by but didn't stay. 

I had a pretty good nap and got up.  My shoulder is teaching me to get up when the alarm goes off, because it is too painful to lie back down and get up again, repeatedly. 

My shoulder is getting better, it's just taking a while. 

We got up and went to Walmart.  Our pickup was late, and our ride home was early, so I only had half an hour.  I bought some generic 8 hour Tylenol, some kale, and other food.  I bought some more tampons because I will need them eventually.  The $1 off coupon was just a bonus. 

I finished up and checked out in about 20 minutes.  I found Ron and asked if he wanted anything.  He asked me to check and see if his Gabepentin had come into the pharmacy.  I checked, no.

He said he wanted some chicken strips from the deli so I got those for him.  He happily ate them while we waited. 

Our ride home was the same driver who dropped us, and he was still running late.  We waited inside, out of the heat.  We chatted with another paratransit client who was also waiting. 

When we got home, Ron said he wanted me to trim his beard.  I did that. Then he wanted to weed whack the catio.  I told him I couldn't do it with my shoulder and he decided to do it himself.  He sat in his wheelchair, wearing a pair of shorts, no shirt, weedwhacking the entire enclosure.  It looked pretty good when he finished.  I guess we are lucky we didn't have any wasps around. 

He came in and redid the cord to the weedwhacker, and had me put it away.  I did that. 

I ate my dinner, sausage, kale with olive oil, and some grapes.  Paleo is higher carb than low carb but it is still pretty low carb overall.  Especially since paleo doesn't eat dairy. 

I am keeping an eye on my weight, we will see where I end up. 

I plan to go to bed early, if I can.  I found a couple of balls out in the backyard, the #6 kids are getting restless and were playing outside the other night.  They actually kicked one ball on top of the catio.  I had a lot of fun getting that one down, let me tell you.  Hopefully everyone will be quiet tonight and let me sleep. 

Ron just told me our pickup time.  I need to get up at 4 AM.  Yes, I am going to bed early. 

I almost forgot, our doctor's office called while Ron was weed-whacking.  Doc is out of town.  Great.  I will wait until he gets back to get my shoulder checked out.  Hopefully Ron can schedule back-to-back appointments and get his Gabapentin at the same time. 

I don't want him running out.  He is doing great right now. 

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