Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The fattest cat I've owned

I slept pretty well last night, didn't wake up as much, and had what I would call a good quality of sleep.  I woke up around 9. 

I got up, took my shower and did my God Time, and fed the cats.  Torbie slept next to my head last night and had a nightmare.  I talked her out of it, softly, as she moaned.  Poor thing. 

I had to wonder if it was a nightmare about being dumped at the shelter, or actually her time in the shelter.  The shelter is pretty well set up for cats "Catified" if you watch Jackson Galaxy, and they have loving attendants, but who's to say what happens at night when the humans go home? 

Biscuit slept on my legs but wasn't bothered by Torbie. 

Tomorrow I take Torbie in for her shots.  She won't be happy with me for a while but I don't want an unvaccinated cat.  I also want to ask about the Icy Hot Spray.  This stuff:
I first noticed it with Torbie.  I sprayed it on my shoulder (big surprise) and some of it ran down my back.  I mopped it up with an old rag and left the rag in my chair. 

Torbie went crazy for it.  She began biting it, nursing, and slobbering all over it until it was soaked.  I thought it was just Torbie. 

Now, if it is safe maybe I can spray some on a cat toy for them, but I need to talk to the vet first. 

Last night I gave my shoulder a shot (although I have to say I think the salonpas patches work better) and Biscuit went nuts biting me, slobbering, and purring.  OK.  It's all cats, at least in my household, going nuts for the stuff.  And I have two containers. 

I think I will be giving them away to people who don't have cats. 

Anyway, I did my usual morning routine and had a good time.  Shower, God Time. I watched a little TV, Supernatural. 

I wonder if people are actually dumb enough to try to summon demons.  That's a game you never want to play. 

A good book on the subject, although fiction, is "This Present Darkness" by Frank Perretti.  It's very well done and illustrates the spiritual realm pretty clearly. 

Then I took a nap.  I had Torbie and Biscuit again.  That's been one nice thing about my shoulder, since I can only really sleep on my back the cats have gotten a lot more cuddly. 

My shoulder felt better today, mainly because I didn't abuse it yesterday at work.  Ron will just have to do more for a change.  I have plenty of 8 hour Tylenol and I plan to buy more.  I still plan to see my doctor on Friday, I just want to take care of Torbie first. 

It doesn't hurt, usually, at rest.  It only hurts when I extend it, like trying to pick something up off the floor, or picking something up at work. 

Biscuit keeps sticking his head in my lap to remind me he's hungry, but I don't plan to feed him for another hour.  He is being gentle, but very purrsistent.  I wish I knew if I could spray some Icy Hot on the squeaky mouse for him and really give him some fun.  There he is again.  He's purring very loudly. 

If you were just looking at his face and paws, you would think "poor thing, he's starving".  But as I pull back and take a longer view, I see a 16# belly hanging down to rival a pregnant queen's, I have to say he can afford to skip a meal.  He is, the fattest cat I have owned.  I thought Bubba was big and he was only 14#.  I don't know how many kilos, between 6 and 7. 

I find it funny that a pregnant cat is a queen, and a pregnant dog is a bitch.  Doesn't say much about dogs. 

I am happy that dogs make other people happy.  I don't want one for myself, but I am glad your dog makes you happy. 

I find the "bipetual" houses the most interesting, with the cat and a dog.  I always assume the cat is the boss in that house.  Usually, I am told I am right. 

So I had a pretty good nap for an hour and a half or so, and then the yard guy came by #6 and did his thing.  I guess the whole trailer-blocking-my-driveway was just them arranging terms and times, not an actual service call, which happened today.  I assume they blocked my driveway again, but I didn't look. 

I finally got up and watched some Hoarders.  I was pretty hungry.  I heated up one of my precooked hamburgers, put it on a nice plate, and set up Styrofoam foam bowls with veggies and dip.  I used sliced carrots, and sugar snap peas, veggies I love.  Generally, I think people have some vegetable they enjoy, they just don't think to eat it.  I also like kale, if I can find some I will get it tomorrow when we go to Walmart. 

I still felt a little "hole" after eating so I ate a handful of walnuts.  My medication was happy with the meal so I didn't have any sickness or nausea. 

Generally I have learned lithium needs to be taken with fat and protein.  I was a little leery about the veggies but I ate enough fat and protein to "cover" the pills.  I don't ever really eat to desire anymore, it is all about having to eat to take my medication and what can I eat to make sure I don't vomit it up again?    That's nearly 11 years now, but it's a lot better than this game I used to play back in 2006, before my diagnosis. 

See, all my life I was told I wasn't bipolar, I was just dealing with the trauma of having a Bad Mommy.  Bad Mommy was responsible for everything, they said.  I would just get depressed, now and again. 

More like get suicidal, now and then.  I used to play a game: if I wanted to kill myself, at that second, what could I use?  Right now, sitting at the computer, I would say the electrical outlet in the lamp (where the bulb screws), and the electrical cords around my computer.  Plenty of knives in the kitchen.  You get the idea.  It was a horrible "game" but I couldn't stop playing.  I was tortured. 

So I have to eat on a schedule, and I have to eat certain foods.  It could be a lot worse. 

I tried to take it easy and pamper my shoulder today.  I didn't take out the garbage yet and I didn't really make a concerted effort to "dehoard" the place (another visit from Biscuit, this time with a piteous meow).  That can wait.  I did pick up obvious trash. 

I found Ron's book of physical therapy exercises and did the shoulder ones.  They gave us an elastic band to use to do them.  So I did that, and will do that every day for a while, I think 10 repetitions for the first (more Biscuit) week, and 20 for the second, ought to be good.  My shoulder did feel happier after doing them.  I haven't taken a painkiller since my old one wore off at 4.  I plan to wait, if possible, until bedtime (7-8, probably take it at 7 and go to bed at 7:30) so it can last all night. 

I am hoping my doctor gives me naproxen.  It really worked well for me with my bad knee (better now), horrible menstrual cramps, and even post surgery pain from my ovarian cyst removal.   I am very frightened of narcotics. 

I was given Vicodin because they had to delay my ovarian cyst removal surgery, and it was bleeding.  It hurt like hell.  I went, in a 2 week period, from taking one half tablet as directed to taking 2 tablets as directed (instructions said take one half to two tablets every x hours, as needed).  That was enough to scare me.  I liked how it turned off my emotions.  I liked that a lot.  Too much.  So I poured all of them out after my surgery and never regretted it. 

Sometimes I idly wonder if I am fertile.  The doctor told me they did a lot of cutting during the operation.  I don't care if I'm not fertile, I'm the one who told him to take the whole ovary if he had to.  But he was a fertility specialist and found the thought abhorrent. 

But I'm almost 43, those eggs are fried. 

Biscuit has finally left me alone.  Time to feed him.  I need to talk to the vet about portions.  Obviously Biscuit is getting too much.  I am feeding 6 ounces wet and 6 ounces dry every day.  For all of them.  Maybe I need to cut it back some more, but the girls have lost weight and look good at this amount. 

Maybe I need to talk to Ron about how many treats he is feeding.  He could be feeding a lot of treats I don't know about. 


Anonymous said...

All you had to do was a search online:

Camphor - This ingredient is mildly to moderately toxic to cats and dogs. It is found in Bengay, Carmex, Tiger Balm, Vicks VapoRub, Campho-Phenique and other arthritis pain creams. ... This is the active ingredient in Aspercreme, Bengay, HEET, Icy Hot, etc.

Delivered said...

Heather you can get Naproxen over the counter, I buy it. Prescription may be stronger never thought about that just assumed it was the same. How did you hurt your shoulder? Praying for a speedy recovery.

Heather Knits said...

I wish I knew how I hurt it. I think it was general overuse. I use it a LOT at work (it kept yelling at me today and I was taking it easy), pushing Ron in the wheelchair, etc. I think it finally had enough. I am hoping it is a strain, or tendinitis.

Those would be fixed by rest and anti-inflammatories. The stuff I want is prescription strength, it worked great for some other conditions I had about 20 years ago so I think it would help with this.

For obvious reasons, I don't want narcotics. I am at huge risk for addiction. I think if I go in there saying that I will get good care.

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