Thursday, March 24, 2016

Where vegetables go to die...

It actually rained this morning, per the forecast. 

I slept in until 7:30 or so, got up, and did my God time.  I fed Biscuit his nums and tried to figure out what I was going to do about the bathroom. 

I could get a rug at the store, and someone would throw up on it, or deposit some grisly "treat", and I would be faced with a gruesome cleanup or a simple disposal.  I'm sorry, I'm not that cheap.  I'm not saving something with rodent blood on it, washing it with good clothes, and then possibly using it to dry myself, or Ron.  Ever.  Or even touching it with my bare, clean, feet. 

I decided to go to the nearest thrift store.  Well, not the nearest but the one I like the best. 

I never liked their police-style bag grab, forcing me to leave all my stuff behind the counter.  But I understood, although anyone who would rob a thrift store....

When the weather cleared up, I went to the bus stop.  A guy walked up the street and asked me for money.  I told him I didn't have any.  He knew I was lying.  He asked me again.  I told him I was sorry. 

I wanted to ask him why he wasn't working or looking for work.  His appearance was not that of one employed or seeking a job, and he carried a ratty messenger bag. 

He eventually left.  It's funny, because I live in a "better" neighborhood I am bothered more.  When I lived in the poor neighborhoods no one really bothered me at all.  Even though, at one point, I made more money. 

I mentioned it, in passing, to Ron, when he called.  He totally freaked out.  He said he would send a cab to pick me up and take me where I wanted.  I told him I was fine riding the bus, the man was gone, and I was watching to see if he came back. 

They can only sneak up if my back is turned. 

I rode the bus to the thrift store, and I was fine.  They didn't "police" my bag.  The aisles were very narrow and people had to keep squeezing past my shopping cart. 

Someone with OCD had lined up all the towels in color order.  I went through, complaining to Ron on the phone that some of them were $4-5.  "For that price, I could buy a new one!"  Not a very good new one. 

I found some I liked.  In particular, I liked the rose floral patterned towels.  Yes, it's for cat puke and eviscerated mice, but it's nice to have something pretty to look at.  I couldn't find any plus sizes but I didn't really look.  I went over to the book section, usually it has a terrible selection, but I found some inspirational romance novels for sixty cents each.  I looked around some more, and decided I was done. 

I paid for everything, about $20, and headed to a nearby McDonald's.  I always get the same thing, 10 piece chicken nuggets.  I had my own caffeine free diet soda so I didn't partake of the beverage bar.  I am always scared I will be up all night when I gave to get up at 2-3 in the morning. 

Normally I'm wired to go to bed around 8.  I have a hard time dropping off before then. 

Ron had arranged to have someone pick him up, drive him to the liquor store, help him buy liquor, come get me, go to the mall and buy him some food, and then go to the store and get my medication. 

I don't help Ron with alcohol.  Unless it is the "rubbing" kind.  I'm happy to buy that.  I got Ron his mall food (he hadn't had it in a while), and got my medication.  I did pick up a couple bottles of shampoo while I was walking down the aisle.  I need to get rid of some shampoo that doesn't work/don't like/odd texture. 

It's funny, though, probably a month after cutting my hair, I still put too much shampoo in my hand when I'm washing my hair.  I guess I'll grow out of that. 

I use inexpensive shampoo, I have good hair that doesn't need much besides a good cleanser (oily hair).  But still, I hate to waste anything. 

Wasting things leads me to thoughts of my vegetable "crisper", where vegetables go to die.  It's very sad.  Probably the most waste in my life, not that I buy vegetables very often. 

I was so good about eating vegetables when I actually grew them. 

My medication cost about $50 for a month.  I need to go back to 3 month refills, those are a little cheaper in the long run. 

It's the Wellbutrin that kills me.  It's my most expensive - a three month is $100, but the one drug I am not likely to skip.  I think most people are probably most vigilant about taking their antidepressant, and least vigilant with the antipsychotics (if they had my experiences they'd be diligent!), and mood stabilizers ("Oh, I feel fine").  Doc and I talk a little about this now and then. 

Anyway, I got the rascals and will of course be taking them.  I do up two, "pills of the week, AM and PM" organizers and take them until they're gone, then do up 2 more weeks.  I find that easier because 8 prescriptions a day, not to mention the supplements, can get a little crazy at times! 

I'm still using up some 1 mg Haldols, so that's actually 9 pills. 

Anyway, we came home and I took my medication with some milk.  That seemed to work just fine and then I took my nap. 

I had strange nightmares and was actually happy to get up. 

I took my shower - see, that way I don't have to do it at oh-dark-thirty tomorrow morning, already did my God time, got online for a bit, and now I'm just waiting to go to bed. 

I have some clothes in the washer and the towels in the dryer.  I was worried about bedbugs so the thrift store towels went into a HOT wash the minute I got home. 

That's a problem I don't need. 

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Anonymous said...

Brain fog gone! I can type again! As you say " the price of sanity"heather you sound so healthy and after the rough winter you had? You earned it! Hugs!

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