Saturday, March 5, 2016

Biscuit threw up in my bed

Well, I'll certain have plenty of "performance tshirts" this summer.  They are a woven polyester tshirt that helps wick sweat and keep the user cooler. 

I got a few last summer.  This spring I got an X-temp (it is better than a regular tee, but not as good as the polyester wicking ones).  Yesterday I ordered a pink and a purple from Amazon (only about $8 each), and today I found a "Starter Dri-star" tshirt in purple, in a 2xl, my preferred size.  They had a ton of colors if I like it, and it was only $6, for the bigger size, at Walmart. 

I got a couple of other things, too.  Yesterday I ordered some used stitch dictionaries from Amazon, along with some plastic crochet hooks.  I love plastic crochet hooks.  They are fast, they are sturdy, they are unbreakable (unlike the pretty wood hooks I never use), they are cheap.  They are generally a contrasting color to the yarn, and easy to find.  Amazon has the white ones for $3 a set, so I got 2. 

That pretty much brought the spending to an end.  I did go to Walmart with Ron this morning.  I had slept horribly and woken up with a headache.  Biscuit threw up in my bed around midnight. 

I did find Torbie next to my head, and Biscuit curled up near my feet.  He looked so cute and eager for his num-num, I didn't have the heart to yell at him for puking.  I just stripped the bed (seems like just yesterday :p ) and washed the sheet, replacing it on the bed. 

I did my God Time and shower, then we went to Walmart.  I bought the aforementioned t-shirt, cat food, some yarn - I have a really interesting black/white colorway called "zebra".  Dad commented on it admiringly.  Dad never admires.  So I got some complimentary yarn to pair with the zebra and make him an afghan.  The white doesn't work so it will be black plus zebra double stranded on my wooden ash S-hook.  It should be striking. 

I also got another storage box for the yarn.  Last one, really.  I did buy an extra loom hook and some more point protectors. 

I also got some unscented Tide Pods, and "Krab" meat.  You know, the fish stuff colored and flavored to taste like crab?  I love the stuff, and it's an easy meal.  I can mix it with tuna and mayo or eat it straight. 

I also got a tub of cottage cheese.  Also an easy meal. 

Ron didn't want anything.  We went home and put it away.  I finished my laundry and tried taking a nap. 

My calendar said #6 was having a party tonight.  They did have some people over this afternoon, making some noise, so no nap.  I did a little computer time, then we went to work. 

Why stick around the house if they're going to have a party?   We might as well work and get some rapport with the swing and night crew. 

We did that. 

We had a good ride home and now it's just finishing things up before I go to bed. 

I know I do get some weekend readers so I want to give you an update.  :) 

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