Saturday, March 12, 2016

My house mated with a warehouse

Torbie ditched me last night, for a paper bag sitting in a basket.  I retained my faithful Biscuit. 

I slept OK but had bad dreams and woke up with a headache.  I rewarded Biscuit's loyalty with a num-num when I got up.  He loves the Gravy Lovers cat food. 

I took my shower and did my God Time.  One of my Facebook friends requested a Bible, which I am mailing.  I wanted to get some "additionals" to send with the Bible. 

I decided to go to Lifeway.  Sad but true, in my life I have to think, in 4 hours, do I have enough time to go and come back, when they are just a couple miles away? 

It would have been iffy on the bus. 

Ron gave me cab fare, and some money to buy more Bibles.  I called Lou. 

He dropped me at McDonalds (I was thirsty and wanted a diet soda).  Boy, that store was busy. 

I walked to the store.  New faces.  Well, it has been a year or two.  It is always fun to see eyes bug out when I say "2 cases "

I was polite, yet firm, in ensuring I got my by the case discount, but, unlike last time, they already knew about it.  The previous manager retired, but is in good health (he had cancer).  The new one is nice and I like her. 

I got some nice cards and Bible Promise books.  I think those are really handy for someone new to the Bible, or someone too tired to go "mining" for passages.  I have one myself, I ordered it off the internet, and it arrived damaged.  I wouldn't want to distribute it so I kept it (I bought it with my own money).  Once I completed my transaction I called Lou again. 

While I waited for him, I looked at the giant print, the apologetics Bibles, the leather bound, the journaling Bibles, etc.  They even had a color coded Bible.  I saw one guy buying over a dozen books, not Bibles, and wondered why he would do that.  If I can only give one item I'd rather it be The Thing. 

Lou showed up and I told him to pop the trunk, then I took my stuff out one box at a time (two boxes).  Ron texted Lou, telling him to take a Bible, but Lou declined. 

When we got home, I hauled my treasure into the house, set up the package to be delivered, and stashed my new Bibles on the rack system.  My house looks like it mated with a warehouse, but that's OK.  I like having all the Bible stuff close at hand. 

I am considering my next handout, I have been told the place I'm thinking about has a lot of Spanish.  Well, I have Spanish.  Lots of it.  It's easy enough to strap a case onto my "buggy". 

That's the issue for me.  Pretty narrow medians, so Ron won't be able to join me in the wheelchair.,-95.4764948,3a,75y,180h,90t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sS-yfzS9MvqiqsuPo6RvyyQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xbf6266d573bf67fc!6m1!1e1

It's a long link but it lets me look around.  I have found Google earth very helpful for looking around an intersection before I actually head out to work it. 

I did that with Collingsworth and 59.   I had a very good, clear, idea of what I could expect. 

Except for the guy with the dogs, trying to run me off.  [snort]  Didn't stop me. 

I never know what to expect on a Handout.  It could be an atheist.  It could be a depressed cowboy who "Really needed this" (1960 @ 290).  It could be a bearded guy with hot donuts, a carload of gang members, or a guy with stray dogs threatening me if I don't leave. 

God only knows what will happen on the next one. 

I couldn't take a nap, the kids next door were pretty wild in the yard.  I watched part of the Hobbit movie (I keep missing the end), until our pickup.  I just read the synopsis - interesting. 

Ron and I went to the Waffle House again.  We had a good time.  This time, I had the cheese and eggs.  Ron had a bacon cheesesteak thing. 

Ron called the dispatch line for paratransit and was being difficult, not ugly, just wanting the impossible.  "If you think he's bad on the phone" I said loudly "Imagine living with him!"  The dispatcher asked to speak to me, and laughed. 

She told me she'd be happy to "Send [me] a cab" if he ever "Got to be too much, and you can come downtown and hang out with us."  I thought that was funny and sweet. 

I'm sure they talk about us. 

I always remember the story of the married man who was caught, by his wife, with his girlfriend - all riding in the same vehicle.  Ooops! 

No secrets on Metrolift, let me tell you. 

Well, I took a little break.  At one point I had Torbie in my lap; then Biscuit tried to jump aboard too, missed, and dug his claws in my thigh.  Ouch. 

It's not bad but it stings, I put some tea tree oil on it. 

The last thing I need is an infection. 

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