Saturday, March 26, 2016

Tiny house marathon

I am frequently baffled by #6.  When we got home last night, it was quiet.  It was quiet for over 2 hours after we got home.  I went to bed and turned out all the lights. 

Suddenly, he goes out in the yard, banging around, brings the children out, talking to the kids, who are talking loudly, one of them fell down, crying loudly, etc.  All this happened after I turned off my lights to go to bed.  Lots of banging and scraping, too. 

I had to wonder if he did it on purpose "They want to sleep, so I'll make MORE noise!".  After all, it had been dead silent for over 2 hours, and in the past he has always picked up directly after a party.  Why go out and clean in the dark, anyway? 

I forgot to mention he put on his lights, which shine into my bedroom.  I wasn't very happy.

I went in the computer room and laid down on the pull out.  I stayed there for what I considered a long time, then went back.  The lights were still on but it appeared to be quiet. 

At some point, he turned them off. 

I finally fell asleep, but I didn't sleep well.  Ron kept waking me up! 

Then I woke up at 7 AM and my brain said TIME TO GET UP!  I tried to take a nap later with poor results. 

I've mainly been watching tiny house TV shows and taking it easy. 

I just saw a soccer ball in my yard so I need to go return it.  I just throw it back over the fence. 


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter dear Heather!

I love this whole " tiny house movement!"
We raised 4 kids in 800 square ft and 1 bathroom!
I love the whole " minimal, tiny" lifestyle
Simpler it seems.

And the houses are so freaking cute! I have to look for the series now you got me curious!

Heather Knits said...

I think it's called "Tiny House hunters". I think the regular show is insane. My house is very modest at 900 square feet and a now 45K mortgage. The "We can only spend a million" shows are just "redic".

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