Sunday, March 20, 2016

My weekend

Yesterday I slept in a bit (7 AM) and went to Taco Bell with Ron for breakfast.  We were there for about an hour, that's what they gave us, and we had a good time. 

I had a breakfast crunchwrap with steak.  These days, bacon or sausage can make me queasy. 

We went home and I took a nap on the pull-out.  I woke up around 2.  I left the pullout extended on the floor. 

Some noise next door, #6 bought a brand new air conditioning system and was installing it himself, with the help of some guy in a dirty white pickup. 

"I hope" Ron said "They don't burn their house down and take ours with it".  I'm with you, Ron. 

It wasn't a new window unit, it was a whole system with "Proudly made in America" labels all over it.  I had to laugh at the latino buying made in America products. 

The guy in the pickup was there for 2 days, and periodically parked, blocking our house.  I wasn't too happy about that.  Plenty of parking on the street, you don't need to block my driveway. 

I even considered calling a tow truck but decided against it.  About the time I made the decision, they had moved it anyway. 

Around 3, we went to work.  I was glad to get busy and fill some vending machines. 

I had a customer complaining bitterly about the lack of Coke Zero in the vending machines.  I tried to explain, the other vendor doesn't even sell Diet Coke, and you want us to sell Zero? 

"Well" she told me "You haven't tried it since the downtown people came to work in the facility". 

Yes, I told her, I had.  I bought a six pack and it took 3 weeks to sell it all.  We are here to sell inventory, not to supply everyone's whim (I didn't say this).  If I sold every soda that everyone wanted I wouldn't have room for the core sodas. 

We stock a case of Diet Coke cans about every 10 days.  We sell 3 cases of regular Coke every time we come in to stock.  You can see the difference.  I tried, in vain, to explain. 

"We'll just buy it when we see it, then" she said as she left.  Agh. 

I have a tiny stockroom and no room to store it.  I don't feel bad, either.  If you are diabetic you can buy a bottle of water, a Diet Dr Pepper, or a Diet Coke.  We're not a gas station, we're a vending stand. 

Why would we take up shelf space with something that doesn't sell?  It's not like it's "the only drink" for someone with blood sugar issues. 

I think they know I wouldn't buy it if they tried it, like the time someone tried to tell us she could only have scrambled eggs and bacon, because she was on Atkins.  So the girls would go through the hassle of preparing the meal. 

Along comes another woman.  She asked for a scoop of tuna salad in a bowl, if we didn't use any sugary foods in the preparation.  She was also on Atkins, and explained she could eat any number of deli foods minus the bread. 

I was furious, and told "the girls" you had better not prepare that bacon and eggs ever again.  They were happy to hear it, and that way I was the bad guy. 

I get very tired of people telling me what to sell.  I am always dealing with people yelling about plain fritos, they want plain fritos.  Plain Fritos don't sell, I tell them, go buy them from the other vendor.

Then I had the guy who never buys anything, who wanted me to give him four, $5 bills.  For what, I don't know - but the vending machines don't take $5's.

I told him I had "ones, or nothing".  He pouted he wanted $5's.  I wanted to ask him if he thought I was a bank.  "Sorry" I told him, turning my back on him and going back to work.  "All I have are $1's". 

Ron heard me and approved.  I am happy to make change if it's going into a vending machine, and if someone wants $1's it probably will.  I don't care (much) if it goes to the other vendor.  I want to make it easy for the customers to buy food. 

We did a lot of stocking and I used up most of my inventory.  I will most likely be making a supply run on Tuesday (I have to see Doc on Wednesday). 

We came home.  When we went out he was actually waiting on us.  Nice driver, too. 

It was quiet when we got home so I went to bed.  I slept until about 7, went back to sleep, had a nightmare I don't remember, and got up again at 8. 

I did my God Time and took a shower, then I turned on the sermon for Ron to "watch".  He fell asleep on the pullout about halfway through. 

I finished the sermon listening to Ron's snores.  I laid down with him, but #2 decided to pressure wash their house.  They did this about a year ago, a lot of talk about painting (it needs painting), and nothing until the pressure wash today. 

Ron was still asleep, albeit "backwards" on the pullout.  Torbie was also on the pullout, it was pretty crowded.  I managed to find a spot and drift off a little to the sounds of the loud roaring and shouting from next door. 

I got up around 2:30, when Ron did.  He had a heck of a time getting up off the floor.  He was groggy enough he didn't want to listen to my advice. 

I got up after he did and eventually closed up the pullout.  I looked around on the internet for a while, watched some TV.  I called my Dad and caught up, he's moving. 

I think they will like the new spot much better. 

The cats are good, Torbie has a few sniffles but nothing major. 

I just hope I sleep OK tonight.  I have to get up early. 

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