Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Welcome to America

It's not "Because they're taking all my welfare".  It's not "Because I have to be bilingual to get an office job these days".  It's not any of the other, more hostile, arguments against immigration, legal or not. 

It's because some of them want to kill us.  Your average family from Guatemala is not interested in killing the golden goose.  They want a good life in America, a safe life, with the basics provided for and a fallback social net should they have Hard Times.  They want free vaccines for their kids, free schooling, free milk for the baby, etc.  I can't really argue with that. 

You see, I went on mission trips to Mexican slums.  I totally understand why they want to leave that and come here.  It is hellish.  It reeks of raw sewage.  They don't have running water, they have to buy it off a truck every day and put it in a tank.  Everyone is very thin, with desperate eyes. 

I get that.  I can't really work up a good "hate" as a result, even when I see Spanish-speaking families exiting a plush SUV at the welfare office, chattering as they go inside (we do pickups on paratransit, Ron and I have never needed welfare).  I was annoyed at one guy I knew, he fathered 5 kids with his "wife", called her his "wife" but wouldn't marry her because she got more benefits (food stamps and all) as a "single mother".  He ended up crippling himself in a totally avoidable accident and put himself out of work.  Now he is dependent on his "wife" and 5 kids to take care of him. 

Or maybe he went on unemployment.  I don't know. 

I did go on unemployment after I got fired.  I got $96 a week, and I had to submit a page of job leads I had pursued, every week.  I sent 2 and 3 pages.  After 2 and a half weeks, I got a good job on my own and told them.  I was very happy to say "I won't need you anymore". 

I felt entitled to that; they fired me because I had a Christmas tree (on my desk), and they were haters.   It wasn't a good fit, they were all very ambitious and into making as much money as possible, and I just want to live a good life.  Often, that means less money. 

So, I get annoyed at "illegals" who exploit birthright citizen ship, get their "anchor" in (popular slang for a baby born in the US to grant the parents residency), and take the system for everything it's got.  I get annoyed, I want to "go back hone" and fix their countries of origin, make them such awesome places to live we will see a mass exodus as everyone goes "home".  That's what I think. 

I don't fear them.  They don't make me truly angry.  WE left the door open, they are just taking advantage.  I can't blame them for that and many of them are contributing citizens. 

And I've seen what they left. 

My first thought today, upon hearing of the Belgium attack "It was bound to happen, all those 'refugees', some of them had to be sleepers for ISIS."  And I was right. 

It's not unreasonable to make sure that the people you're inviting to sleep next door are going to want you alive.  It's reasonable to say I don't want anyone who has avowed murder of my people.  It's reasonable to stop immigration until we can sort out who's who.  And if we can't sort them out, they need to go to other countries. 

I never understood why the Syrians couldn't to go Jordan, Saudi Arabia, etc.  Why couldn't they go to neighbor countries?  Oh, because they wouldn't be accepted - and that should have taught us a lesson.  If the other muslims don't want them, then why would we? 

I'm aware, some of them are Christians.  I get that.  We should do what we can, after screening, to accept them and welcome them to America.   Voice of the Martyrs is doing some good work, if they can vouch for someone then I think we could take them. 

However, large groups of single young men - no, not until we can figure them out. 

Ron believes incidents like this will further the Mark of the Beast technology and culture.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Number_of_the_Beast#Mark_of_the_Beast

Basically, the antichrist will mandate everyone gets the mark.  It will be used for identification and transactions.  It will usher in a cashless society. 

This is where I add, my debit card has been hacked FOUR times.  One time, someone tried to rob my cash and I beat him up.  I do have a debit card for bill paying but that's it.  Oh, and some internet transactions. 

You can guess what I prefer. 

Anyway, hopefully this will bring a halt to the open doors policy we have seen of late. 

I can't emphasize this enough: I don't like any candidate.  I will grit my teeth and vote for "least worst" on election day.  I will feel queasy as I do it.  But I will do it.  I will endeavor to bring Ron along, too. 

Anyway, whoever gets elected has got to get tough on immigration.  I'll remind you: I had nightmares about Trump, who, putting it politely, has a lot of baggage.  I had nightmares about Cruz (who I feel is too sympathetic and soft on immigration).  I don't like either. 

And I'm not a democrat.  I consider myself a Conservative Evangelical Independent.  If you support the Constitution, and the Bible, I will probably vote for you.  Although I think we need to take another look at birthright citizenship. 

I don't mean to turn this into a discussion, I've pretty much said it already!  But I do pray whoever gets elected will be a good servant to the country and will shut the door on immigration, be good for small business, and support my right to hand out Bibles on the corner. 

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