Sunday, March 27, 2016

Paleo migraine

Well, I have to say, #6 came through for me today.  Really. 

I woke up with the headache, ongoing, today.  I slept until 9 AM because I took a Phenergan last night.  That is very uncommon for me. 

Phenergan is an antinausea pill that helps me sleep.  It is not, however, a sleeping pill.  It just helps me, at least, to rest. 

I will most likely be taking another one tonight. 

At least it doesn't hurt to look through my bifocals.  And I'm not vomiting. 

Anyway, I got up and could do very little but I did manage to watch the sermon on my computer and do my God Time. 

Ron wanted me to watch a psychological thriller, one of those "Is she insane or are they really out to get her".  I told Ron I had had far too much Gaslighting in my life already, and my head was killing me. 

I went to bed around 11 and woke up around 5 just now. 

I do have to commend #6.  They were super quiet, when I needed it.  When I really, really, needed it, they were very quiet. 

Thank you for that. 

Now I am drinking very cold drinks and will seek out some sugar.  That seems to help.  Then I will work on some laundry. 

Biscuit was also awesome, sleeping on my legs during the worst of it. 

I am thinking about trying a paleo diet.  Basically, I would just eat simply cooked meats, eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.  No dairy, no grains.  I think, to start at least, no "nightshades" which equal tomatoes and potatoes. 

I think I would get some tuna pouches to eat at work when I get hungry.  Those work pretty well for me. 

This diet started because a mensa member noted that arthritic and diabetic changes were not present in paleolithic skeletons - they only came along with the advent of farming.  Eat like the old ones did, he felt, and maybe we can avoid all that trouble.  It worked for him, so he wrote a book and started the movement (Neanderthin).  However, the name evolved to "Paleo" diet and it's the common slang term used these days. 

If it could help my headaches, and my few aches and pains, I'm willing to try it.  I do have a tiny freezer full of TV dinners so I will be eating them up first but I am definitely going to try it.  I think the fruit would definitely fill the "craving" area when I am craving carbs. 

I still plan to keep it around 2000 calories, about 800 less than I burn on an average day (approximately), and less than 100 carbs, but a tangerine is about 10 carbs, and a grape is about a carb each.  That's a whole lot of fruit, if I want! 

I like salads well enough so I'm not worried about that.  If I eat a fatty cut of meat with the salad I should be fine. 

We'll see. 

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Anonymous said...

Paleo is great ! Good for you! Keep us posred Heather

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