Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Trash Day

When I got up, I found a partly decapitated mouse on the bathroom rug.  UGH.  It was a mess.  I don't plan to give details. 

I rolled it up and bundled it with some other trash, then took it out (it's trash day).  As I went out, I saw Baby Girl.  Once I got rid of my trash she rolled over, showing her belly. 

That's her love language for me, letting me rub her tummy, something cats don't usually allow.  My other cats will get in my lap or let me play with their feet. 

Anyway, I got to work, baby talking her and rubbing her cute spotted tummy.  I looked up and found someone's beagle watching me, with big sad brown eyes. 

"I'm sorry" I told him.  "I'm not a dog person".  The dog seemed to be telling me I could be, if I'd just give it a try.  However, beagles make a lot of noise, assuming it didn't have an owner, and it does. 

This is why you neuter your males, so they don't go wandering after sex.  

I told the dog no, I was sorry, I was full up, but I hoped it had a nice life.  "Go home" I told it.  It wandered off. 

I went back in the house and considered the noise I had heard last night, the cats were rummaging around in my bedroom, after something, I had assumed it was a lizard.  Now I realize it was probably the mouse but it didn't scream like they did with Bubba. 

"They just play with the mouse and don't kill it" I have heard so many times.  I was worried my guys were "useless".  Someone knew exactly what to do. 

Bubba's legacy lives on.  I don't know who did it, and I won't unless I catch a cat with a dead mouse in it's mouth.  No one got kissed on the mouth, and won't for a while. 

I have very accommodating cats. 

I used an old t-shirt as my bath mat during my shower.  I had overslept so I didn't have time for my God Time, but I did it before I got online. 

Sometimes I wonder if I should just make it my policy, and then I think no, it's probably better first thing, because I don't know what might come up. 

I got dressed in a purple t-shirt and capris, and wore my sandals.  I was going to see Doc today. 

We had a pretty good ride and he saw me early.  I always bring candy for the office, which they enjoy.  It's got to be hard working with crazy people, although everyone I've seen in the waiting room seems very nice. 

I would have coffee with pretty much any of them. 

I paid and waited, then went back with Ron.  I told Doc I am falling over things, ringing in my ears, and a nasty hand tremor, all of which are in the parameters of the medication. 

We went over my blood test results and he said the kidneys are really the only thing you have to watch out for, and mine are fine. 

He also liked that I knew what blood tests to order. 

Ron asked if we could do phone appointments, and Doc said he could see me less often, since I am very stable and have been a long term patient (10 years).  Ron was really happy to hear that. 

We finished it up and went to lunch with my aunt.  We had fun talking about my Dad, who will be moving pretty soon.  Ron and I got a 2 for $20 lunch, which was very good and I got a dessert since I'd saved him so much money.  The whole bill for all of us was less than $40, with the dessert and 3 drinks.  Not bad. 

I would be happy to take my aunt to a nicer place, but she is happy with simple things too. 

I did drip some sauce on my shirt so it looked like I had 2 extra nipples on my collarbone.  I was a little embarrassed about that but figured I couldn't change it. 

Ron complained our ride was coming late, and then mentioned he needed some gloves for work, he had lost the one I "made" him by cutting off the fingers. 

He has a bad habit of injuring the back of his hand so we need to protect it.  It's going to rain tomorrow (so they say, but they were wrong all last week!), so it would be great if we could get it done today. 

My aunt ran us by a Walmart and I darted in.  It has the same layout as my store.  I went to the hardware section and found a bunch of people doing inventory.  I managed to find the gloves and grabbed a couple other types.  Halfway to the register, I realized the "important" leather ones did not have a tag!  I had to run back and get a different pair. 

I finally got to a register, waited a few minutes, and checked out.  I ran out to the waiting car and we went back to the doctor's office. 

We decided next time we could make the pickup from the restaurant and save the trip back to the doctor. 

We only waited a few minutes for our ride and then we went home.  We had some really skilled drivers today.  These guys were great. 

I had enough time to take my medication, pretreat my stains,  and get a nap.  I slept about 2 hours (my meds really knock me flat), got up, did my God Time, and turned on my computer. 

I also put away the garbage can. 

#6 is still trying to install his A/C unit.  Today they were assembling ductwork, some guy in a little white car.  Pinch the penny, lose the dollar, and probably invalidate the warranty. 

I guess "unofficial" A/C guys drive white vehicles. 

Oddly enough, when we have been in an accident, or almost so, it's always been a white vehicle. 

[makes scary noises]  Be afraid of the white vehicles! 

[blows raspberry]  PBBBBT. 

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