Friday, March 25, 2016

Sleep Deprivation

Today was - challenging. 

I didn't fall asleep until after 8 PM, and I had to get up at 3. 

About 9 PM, someone had a toilet accident outside the litterbox and was frantically trying to rip up the carpet to cover it.  I put the cat out the cat door (I don't know who it was, it was late), and they came back right as I was sleeping again. 

So, I had to get up, clean up the mess, and sprinkle pet accident odor eliminator carpet powder on the spot (not that the carpet was stained).  I was "allowed" to sleep after that. 

I got up at 3 and went to work.  Taking my shower at night seems to work really well.  I think I will continue that. 

We stocked and our delivery came in a timely manner, the guy even put it away for me.  That was awesome.  We did our inventory (we need to make a supply run tomorrow) and left. 

We got home around 10.  I heard weird noises coming from next door on one side.  On the other side, #2 was testing every yard tool he had - firing up leaf blowers, weed-whackers, etc. 

I was so desperately tired I slept anyway.  When I woke up I realized #6 was having their party today.  They just throw the kids out in the yard with a soccer ball and talk amongst themselves. 

The kids, at one point, were so bored they were throwing the ball on the roof (of #6, not my house that I know of).  They were so, so, loud.  You had the 6 existing kids, and let me tell you, that baby can scream.  She has a set of lungs on her. 

Then you had the visiting kids, probably another 6-10.  It was chaos. 

At one point, around 3, they came banging on the door asking for their ball.  I gave it back to them, because, as I told them "It's not the middle of the night". 

I will not reward kids for banging on my door in the middle of the night.  Ever.  That's why I disabled the door bell. 

Anyway,  Ron and I left around 3:30 and went out to dinner, thank God.  We got there a little after 4, when the restaurant opened.  We took our time eating and explained we would be there a while.  The waitress was very nice about it and got a nice tip. 

When we got home, and let me tell you I was begging God the whole way home: "Please let them be done".  They were done, and all the other cars were gone. 

So, they are having daytime parties instead of at night.  Maybe they are tired of the noise complaints, or he is tired of having a late night party and then having to work early the next day (he does something with construction). 

I hope it continues but oh I am tired.  I did not get a good nap with all the noise today, and I only got 6 hours of sleep last night. 

Doc and I were talking the other day about sleep deprivation.  He agreed it is Very Bad.  He has had to put people in the hospital because they got unraveled after sleep deprivation, especially if they were not taking their meds at the time. 

Well, I always take my meds but whoo I am tired. 

We will work tomorrow night in case they have two parties in a row, like they did around Christmas.

No one ever tells you how important the neighbors will be when you are thinking to buy a home.  You just buy it and assume they have the same values you do.  Sometimes they do. 

Sometimes they don't. 

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