Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve

Depression came. 

[sigh]  I'll do a year in review blog tomorrow. 

I feel cheated.  My mania was stolen.  I was morphed into an evil, evil, person.  No one seems to have noticed but I'm good at fronting. 

I am a little worried about getting sick.  Everyone, from deliverymen, repairman, and the other vendor's "main guy" have ALL been sick.  They've all been around me. 

Interestingly enough, the drivers have been healthy.  I have various non-drowsy remedies for them, should they ever need them. 

I've also put it out on the grapevine at work - I have headache tablets (generic excedrin).  People are happy to hear it but I haven't had any takers.  I'm not permitted (literally) to sell remedies but I can certainly give them away. 

I get a lot of headaches and I know how they suck.  I wouldn't want to know I could have helped someone, but didn't.  

I also have some hard ginger candy drops for upset stomach - a lot of that, at work.  Twice this year, someone came up to me and said "I just vomited, I need a really cold drink".  This happened once during the Ebola outbreak. 

I was pretty seriously freaked, but I made sure I got him what he needed. 

So, not only was my mania stolen, the depression's back.  I can tell it was a bad mania by my lips. 


When I am manic I bite, chew, and lick my lips.  They are now horribly chapped.  That only happens during a pretty serious mania.  If you know me, look at my mouth.  If my lips are badly chapped I'm either manic, or coming off. 

My neighbors are doing the usual fireworks mayhem, so I locked the cats inside.  They seem pretty content.  Torbie is curled up next to me, all plump and cute. 

She sleeps with me most nights, in no small part to the new positioning of the bed.  She is now firmly planted under the heater vent.  She loves it.  I love her sleeping with me, although I wish she'd sleep near my shoulder, like the boys did.  I wouldn't have to worry about squashing her. 

She's a good girl.  I'm glad she picked me.  

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Anonymous said...

do what I do this time of year wear a mask and pretend i am the sick one so folks stay the hell away from me! I know it is not "honest" but it saves me having to act on my real inclination of yelling at everyone to put a damn mask on and wash hands themselves!

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