Thursday, December 4, 2014

Peanut butter and vodka

I took a nap yesterday, and when I woke up I found Ron eating peanut butter out of a jar.  He had a lot of peanut butter on this clothes. 

You may remember this.  I got him to undress, treated the clothes, and washed them. 

I went to bed, later.  Ron woke me up. 

"You didn't eat the pizza, did you?"  I'd had a small square. 

"I dropped it on the floor, the other day.  I was too embarrassed to tell you."  Thanks.

I tried to go back to sleep.

"I don't feel so well" Ron told me.  "Dizzy." 

I got up and looked at him.  He was sweating profusely and looking very wobbly. 

Heart attack, I thought.  I asked about his symptoms.  Any chest, arm, or jaw pain?  "No" he replied.  "Bucket!" 

I got the bucket. 

Now, while I did empty the bucket, multiple times, I am a horrible caregiver because I get very gaggy.  I was retching and gagging as I carried the bucket.  Ron felt awful, hearing it. 

Today, I found a suitable lid for the bucket.  That should help a lot the next time one of us gets sick. 

Ron was pretty sick for a while.  I did what needed doing, changed his bed, did some laundry.  No big deal. 

This comes with getting married.  At least to me.  I admit I was very glad I'm not a mother, because I hear kids need this a lot. 

How awful, I thought, it would have been for Ron if he just had a caregiver a few hours a week.  He'd have to wait for him/her to show up and help him clean.  Trust me, Ron was very appreciative today.  

If the roles were reversed, Ron would do whatever he could to help me.  He was a great nurse back in 2004, when I had a horrible bout of salmonella.  He emptied the yuck buckets with no complaint (unlike my gagging), and cheerfully brought me glass after glass of cold water. 

I'm not supposing he'd care for me.  I know it. 

Turns out Ron had too much vodka and peanut butter.  Happily that's all it was. 

I thought it was a heart attack, or the flu. 

He's fine today. 

So, we went to Walmart.  I am getting my new bed base tomorrow.  It has tons of room underneath for storage.  At least 12 inches if not more clearance.  So, I bought some large storage boxes I can place under my bed.  Organizing my bedroom, I've already filled 2 up.  Happily, I have a third, which I think I will use for summer current size clothing, and one size down jeans. 

I can get more boxes in a few days. 

While I'm very messy, I believe I can be fairly organized if I have the storage.  I have also thrown out anything I won't be using "directly". 

Oh, something funny just came to mind.  I believed the other vendor was totally blind.  From what his family had told me, he was the next thing to it. 

Monday, at work, he squinted and gaped at Ron's wheelchair "What the hell is that?"  He could see the lights on Ron's chair. 

While we were at Walmart, we took Ron, in his festive chair, over to the pharmacy area.  We wanted to look at walkers. 

We ended up looking at a 4 wheeled walker, with a seat.  It was dark blue.  It looked like the kind of thing I believed Ron could use.  He can push it, sit on it if needed, and I can push it with him in the seat.  It has brakes and looked like it would do a decent job propping him up. 

He bought it.  When we got home, I assembled it, with mild profanity and a couple of requests (to Him) for help. 

I presented it to Ron, who loves it.  He's been tearing all over the house today.  He even used the walker to take out the garbage.  He has yet to ask for the wheelchair. 


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