Monday, December 1, 2014

Oh Christmas chair

Got up at 2 AM for delivery day. 

I didn't sleep well, I'm having a gingivitis attack.  Horrible.  Almost as bad as a migraine. 

I guess, at some point, I will need to be scraped.  Yes, I brush my teeth, daily.  I admit I'm not so good with the flossing. 

I can tell it's my gum - it's always the same spot, upper jaw, between tooth #14 and 15 (the first and second molars, top left).  The gum feels very bruised and throbbing.  The pain is pretty exceptional, right up there with a broken toe. 

Anyway, if I can't home-remedy it within the next day or so (it is absolutely not a tooth), then I'll go get scraped.  We have a dental discount plan.  It's been a while since I went to the dentist, anyway. 

I have a very dry mouth due to medication so it's not surprising I have gum trouble.  My Dad always had horrible gingivitis.  He ended up getting a couple teeth out, and implants. 

I won't tell you everything I'm doing but vitamin C is featured.  I hope it works. 

Oh, I wouldn't wish this on an enemy. 

But I worked.  I have a far better work ethic working for Ron, and myself, than I did working for others.  "Oh, I can't work today.  I have a hangnail." 

Ron's finally coming around on the new bedframe idea.  He's agreed to help me disassemble the old bed when we get the new one set up.  I am debating whether I should keep the headboard.  It's a traditional wood and iron style, I stained it myself, it looks good.  Do I love it?  Meh.  I'll think about it. 

We had a really long day today - we had to run errands after work. 

However, I have a photo for you.  I did have time to do up Ron's wheelchair.  He got tons of compliments on it, just today. 

For some reason, you can only see the blue but I have a multicolored string of lights, and a white.  They're battery operated.  I also love the garland, it's one of my favorite things every year.  It's a nice sparkly metallic.  

I found some evergreen garland style twist-ties to keep the garland and lights in place.   I like to make it festive. 

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