Saturday, December 6, 2014

Time to go!

My bed was due to arrive yesterday. 

I eagerly awaited the delivery all day... and into the night.  Finally, after 7 PM, I realized, bed or not, I had to take my medication. 

I'll remind you my evening meds make me incredibly groggy and fuzzy-headed.  I find that to be a good thing, unless I need to actually work on something. 

The minute, and I mean, the minute I swallowed the medication, I heard the UPS van.  Crap.  I left a half eaten bowl of cereal in the sink and ran out to get my package. 

"Oh, it's heavy!" the driver warned me.  I love Texan men.  They're very chivalrous.  It's OK, I told him, I stock for a living. 

The package was about 40 pounds, about the weight of a case of bottled soda.  It was a little more awkward, though. 

I dragged it down the hall, glad for the cardboard box.  I had a horrendous time wrestling my mattress off the old bed base and cramming it into the hall. 

I had Ron unscrew the headboard.  That freed, I set it aside (I may put it on the new base) and viewed the old bed base.  Sagging slats, dragging on the floor, the rest propped up by 2 cinderblocks and an aerobic step, a broken "spine" held together with duct tape...


I had it completely dismantled, and out in the yard, in less than 5 minutes.

That done, I shoved all the under-bed crap off to one side (it was pretty late and I had an early wakeup) and dragged the box into my room.  I had the bed assembled in less than 10 minutes, with a little prayer or two on a tricky spot. 

I had a harder time getting the mattress back into the bedroom than I did building the new bed base.  I flung it into place.  It looked good. 

I laid down on it.  It felt good.  Ron laid down as well, and I had a hard time evicting him. 

I made the bed with a mattress pad and a brand new purple sheet.  It was pretty warm last night so I only used a light cotton bedspread.  I have 2 - both really nice handwoven Ikea things - very affordable.  I dragged all my pillows (I have an embarrassment of pillows, and I'm considering more) back to bed and made a little nest. 

I had a little trouble falling asleep.  I think it's just getting used to the newness, to a bed that supports me evenly (ha!), that doesn't creak and groan, one I can sit down on without cringing (I have been cringing for quite a while), and a different orientation, in the room. 

I slept well - I noticed I didn't toss and turn, and I didn't get up half as much as I usually do. 

I think I have a keeper. 

Here's a link:  Sleep Master Deluxe

I ordered it Tuesday night.  It arrived Friday night that week.  Using the "free with big purchase" shipping option from Amazon. 

I may or may not get a mattress topper.  My old mattress is 8 years old, but I sure slept well last night, and during my nap. 

I don't feel any real urgency on that. 

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