Thursday, December 25, 2014

Gifts I've gotten

I saw some presents online, things bought for children. 

It reminded me of presents I was given as a child.  When my Dad met my adoptive Mom, I was a short haired little girl in overalls.  While she had a civilizing influence, I still remained a "tomboy" by most standards, short hair, active play, and while I enjoyed a doll now and then I didn't dream of them. 

Fitting for a woman who'd never have children.  For future reference Mom refers to my adoptive mother.  I don't have a single Christmas memory of my birth mother.  I guess she was *busy*, God knows Dad allowed generous visitation. 

One relative, Mom's former mother in law, was pretty wealthy.  Of course her son was the black sheep, but by God she would gift his children.  She always bought me something as well.  I was a girl.  So, I got a (I was told very expensive regular play) doll every year.  I would write her a lovely thank you letter, thank you so much for the doll, I love it...and Mom would quietly donate the doll, still in box, to charity.  I'm sure several other little girls adored those dolls. 

All the while getting out the tinkertoys (one of my top 5) or playing with my brother's legos.  I was an engineer's daughter. 

I remember when my oldest (step) brother turned 13, my Dad gave him a nice toolbox filled with tools.  I wanted that box so bad.  I wanted to use the tools (I was 10), but alas, Dad was traditional. 

On more than one occasion, a relative presented me with something "from your mother".  I always saw that as sort of a Santa thing.  Yeah, right. 

One year she gave me several, very expensive, stuffed animals.  I had them for years but I already had my favorite stuffed toy.  I believe she did buy them for me, while manic. 

Right before I moved out, she did begin sending me gifts for my birthday and Christmas.  I have her photo, and a painting she made.  That's enough. 

Grandma used to give me crafting toys, which I loved.  One year she sent me a sewing box full of fabric scraps.  I loved sewing little sachets and consulting the little sewing book she'd included. 

My favorite toy of all, though, would have been the loom.  It was a plastic loom.  Not the kind you use with the loops, the weft had to be strung before usage.  It had a heddle lever that went up and down as I ran the shuttle back and forth. 

Another top gift, one of those knitting mushrooms.  I couldn't figure the thing out to save my life.  I was 8.  I brought it to Mom, in tears.  She tried to figure it out. 

She taught me to crochet instead.  I liked that a lot better and have used that to make dozens of afghans. 

It's not always what you spend, but time invested and knowledge of your recipient.  Ron is agog at his wool socks. 

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