Monday, December 22, 2014

What I think of the police

There's been a lot of talk about police shootings, things are polarized.  I wrote this on Facebook: 

Of all the people I know, I probably have the most "right" to hate the police.

A police officer robbed my husband as he lay dead in the road, after the accident, the paramedic working away. He also falsified the accident report, let the guy who ran over my husband "get away with it", and verbally attacked me when I questioned his version of events. He was vicious and stole everything we had to live on.

God will avenge us. I don't know what happened to the guy but God got me to forgiveness. I pity him now. 

You know what I think of when I hear "police"?

I think of the awesome policeman who drove me to the mall after I got mugged, because I missed my bus.

I think of Officer B (one of our local guys) who came out on a night I don't talk about, years ago, totally professional in a very ugly situation, and the nice lady from the Mental Health whatever team who was so, so, sweet to me.  (This was a night Ron had a vicious blackout, threatening abuse, and I actually had to leave for days)

I think of how nice Officer B came back AFTER we got robbed in 2012. I think of the nice robbery unit officers who came out to get my information. I think of ALL the very nice officers who come out when we call in noise complaints and get them to turn it down.

I think of the officer who drove by when I was doing a Bible handout and laughed joyfully as he saw my sign. 

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