Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I'm not sorry

Well, I probably set race relations back for a hundred years.  Ron, and two ignorant old ladies, now think I'm a total bitch. 

What did I do?

Well, let's start with me waking up with my curse-you-forever-menstrual-migraine at 5 AM.  On my sleep in day - so much for sleeping in.  It feels like a jackhammer at my left temple, radiating. 

I took my stuff and took a shower.  Wasn't up for God Time, I hope to get Him later. 

I couldn't take my antidepressant - it makes my blood vessels clamp down.  If I am battling a migraine, I go straight to vomiting and I don't get the antidepressant anyway.  Last night I took yesterday morning's dose. 

We got our ride to the store.  We rode around forever.  One client took forever coming out, and finally appeared as the driver was about to leave.  Note that. 

We (both of us, and the other client) got dropped at the Walmart. 

I went and did my shopping.  Mainly some Christmas stuff, jeans for Ron, etc.  My gifting features a lot of chocolate. 

I checked out, still feeling awful.  Ron wanted hot food.  I told him no, and reminded him yet again I had a migraine.  The last thing I wanted was to smell hot food. 


The other client finished her shopping and sat next to me.  I smelled an overpowering floral aroma.   I began to gag.  

I have increased sense of smell during a migraine.  This was physically painful. 

I got up and left, going outside.  She had used pomade in her hair.  I think that was it, as the stuff is highly fragranced.  Perhaps that, and/or some highly fragranced lotion.  Some people are obsessed with lotion, applying it every 10 minutes. 

Maybe both, I don't know. 

I was upset to see she was also riding in our vehicle.  After I loaded my stuff, I opened a few small ventilation windows so I wouldn't vomit. 

The windows are about 1 foot square, and provide a cross draft if needed.  I could still smell the product, whatever it was, on the other woman. 

Another client began having a tantrum when I opened a few windows (3 small ones).  "I'm going to freeze to death!  I can't handle that!" 

She outweighed me by a good 100 pounds, and I'm not slim.  She was also wearing a coat.  It was 60 degrees outside. 

I explained I could smell "some kind of cologne" on the vehicle, I found it "physically painful, like getting hit in the head with a hammer" and I needed the air so I "wouldn't vomit".  Both the old ladies had fits over that saying I was rude and worse. 

Ron got upset at them judging me and joined the party, calling me "An evil bitch" which they found vastly entertaining. 

I simply said "You're worried what the neighbors think?"  I could care less what two ignorant old women thought about my need for fresh air, especially when I had carefully explained it in a nonjudgemental way.  I could tell he was just feeding off their energy and backfeeding it to me. 

He stopped.  

"What do you smell?" Ron grilled me.  "I don't smell anything"

"I don't know what it is, but it was really strong when that one lady sat down next to me on the bench.  That's why I went outside.  It was physically painful." 

The old ladies mocked me "OH, it's so painful". 

Perfume lady accused me of saying she had body odor.  "No!" I replied.  "That would be A LOT better!"   She choked. 

I did my best to ignore them as they concluded that I was just a dominating bitch.  Whatever. 

And I'm rude? 

When "stinky" got off, I shut the windows.  I didn't need the breeze any more.  I didn't speak to the other woman and she didn't speak to me.  I didn't care. 

Stupid drama. 

Because I'm a Christian, I can't even wish a horrific migraine on them.  If they'd ever had a migraine, a real one, not a "Oh, I have a headache so I'll call it a migraine" - they would have been a lot more sympathetic. 

I have to figure God will correct them. 

As far as my end of things, I had to get the fresh air or I would have gotten sick.  I was in extreme pain smelling that stuff.  I don't think any kind person would wish that on me. 

If they're not kind, well I'll have to take care of myself. 

I'm not sorry. 


Anonymous said...

You were bullied by both the women and your husband. What they did was "bully" you. try wearing a soft disposable mask (grab some next time you are in a clinic or hospital) and put something inside you can handle I eat a cough drop inside a mask when I take care of bad smelling patients and smell nothing.
But Heather you were bullied please know if they used those worlds like you describe. That was "bully behavior" and should not be tolerated. Sorry it happened to you.

Heather Knits said...

OOH! I like that! I, have a lot of cough drops at home due to the eternal dry mouth.

Thank you for validating me. Today I was feeling "bad" that I had "been so rude" but at the end of it I just asked for some fresh air so I wouldn't vomit.

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