Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The bugs

Yesterday was truck day.  I had to buy, load, unload, and stock quite a bit of merchandise.  Thank God I didn't have a headache. 

When I got home I was so exhausted I didn't even do my God Time.  I just went, pretty much, straight to bed. 

Today I had to see Doc.  That's pretty much an all day excursion. 

Doc and I were more into talking about the invisible bugs. It was pretty funny actually. He had a medical student. She's like "Oh, you get a little tingling on your skin?"

"No. It feels like giant roaches crawling on my skin."


"Yeah, crawling, all over my feet, and I look and nothing's there."

Well, he's a crazy doc! What did she expect?

Doc said to go up on my antipsychotic (which has very few side effects except I got a much bigger chest. ).

If it's too much, he said, "Cut it in half".  I am taking 1/40th the highest dose so I'm not worried about an increase.

After the visit, I got my prescriptions.  A very long receipt like ribbon of crazy drugs.  "I never feel truly crazy" I told the office lady "Until I see this."  She laughed.

Ron and I went outside and waited on my aunt, who was coming to pick us up.  Ron had the walker, which worked pretty well.

I know, from a wife standpoint, I should be happy he is using it but it's more work for me.  I am happy he can sort of walk.

I told Ron my hot flashes are getting better.  Apparently my Wild Yam and Soy Isoflavone supplementation program is helping.  I just hope it helps with the menstrual migraines, which at present are horrific (we'll see in a week or two).

My aunt came and we cruised around a bit, looking for lunch.  We ended up going to McDonald's.  Ron whined a little.  Apparently if we go see Doc, we have to have a sit down meal at a "proper" restaurant.

"I'm happy with McDonald's" I thought.  Most guys would love that.  Oh, well.  The restaurant was exceptionally clean, and I would absolutely go back.

My aunt is doing well.  Good things happening in her life.

I enjoyed lunch, we went back, and we had a good ride home with an awesome driver.  He was muslim until he immigrated, and got saved.  He does a lot of witnessing.  Please pray for him if you feel led.

I was pretty exhausted when I got home and I hadn't even taken my medication.  I took a brief nap with Torbie (she has the most endearing little meow as she jumps in the bed), got up, did my God Time, organized a little, and made some soy-nut-butter and honey sandwiches.

I hate it when I'm hungry and I don't have any energy to fix something.  I can just eat a sandwich with some whey protein.

Of course, I need to get some more soy nut butter, which is surprisingly good and NOT a migraine trigger like peanut butter.  

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