Thursday, December 18, 2014

"You always do!"

Last night, I had the thought: why not try to get ahead of the headache?  I wake up with it every day, hormonally - and I know this.  Why not take a painkiller beforehand? 

So, I took Aleve.  When I woke up early in the morning I took another dose. 

And, it worked.  I have to assume a couple aleve tablets a day are better than 6-8 generic headache tablets. 

So, I may have fixed that.  I pray so.  If this works I will need a bigger bottle of Aleve.  At least until my uterus dies. 

You know what I mean. 

It's all so pointless.  I'm not having kids! 

The lady neighbors might want another one or 2, but I don't want any.  I'm completely comfortable mothering 2 cats. 

By the way, Baby Girl does something adorable.  She's the stray kitten Ron found, about 2 months old, in the bushes, back in 2012.  I called her my 20th wedding anniversary present. 

She likes to climb on Ron's belly, as he lays in bed (he always sleeps in his clothes).   She begins to knead his belly, lowers her head, and latches onto some fabric, nursing away.  It's adorable. 

On a side note, since she was so tiny and cute I actually bought a bottle and some kitten milk, and tried to bottle-feed her.  She wasn't interested in the bottle, but she sure loves Ron for it. 

She is lying behind me, on the floor, right now.  For her, that's in my lap.  I appreciate the company. 

Torbie has been pretty awesome lately.  She's very cuddly with me, at night.  I enjoy positioning myself around her. 

The "new" bed continues to be awesome.  So glad I got it. 

I got my Christmas present(s) from Mom and Dad yesterday.  The mail lady left it in the locker.  The mail lady liked her present and left me a nice note. 

Yesterday, at Walmart, I found a really nice plush robe in my size.  I chose to make that my gift from Ron, and bought it.  Less than $20, I'll get a lot of use out of it, it's nice. 

I would have gone with black, but they were sold out.  So I went with bright red.  It's very cheerful. 

I woke up, pretty horribly depressed today.  I finally felt comfortable taking my antidepressant, and did so (if I take it too close to a headache it's catastrophic).  I also managed God Time and my shower (not in that order). 

I would probably take a nap, but the yard guy is coming in a while.  I don't like to get woken up. 

I may do some cooking, I'm not sure.  Ron was making "I want delivery" noises so I don't want to fill up. 

It's going to rain, so a Day Out is out.  Tomorrow looks to be worse. 

But I got a nice compliment from some customers yesterday.  A lady was watching me stock my snack machine (snacks are 100% my department).

I smiled at her, she smiled back.  "I try to have delicious treats for y'all" I said. 

"You do!" she grinned. 

"You always do." added a passerby. 

That made my week. 

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