Monday, December 8, 2014

That's not happening today

Yesterday I did a lot of laundry.  I had a lot of bedsheets and unused towels, plus clothes. 

My poor washer and dryer got a workout.  I did several loads, but I have a storage box full of linens, and a storage box full of towels, now. 

I didn't have a special place for either, before. 

I called Mom and Dad.  I had planned to buy Mom and Dad a decaf coffee sampler.  I just needed to know if they had a coffee grinder.  "Oh, we're not drinking coffee anymore" she said. 

Glad I called! 

I found something else I think they'll like - I already bought it and it's on the way.  She might read this so I won't say what. 

I went to bed.  Torbie got into bed with me.  She's such a sweet girl.  I don't care if "my" cat interacts with me during the day.  She does, when she feels like it.  I'd like to be met at the door (which she did today).  What really matters, in my book - is sleep. 

Will kitty sleep with me?  I love that.  She does, and seems pretty happy about it.  The foot of my bed is directly under the heater vent. 

All went well (still loving my new bed), until about 2 AM.  I woke up with a migraine. 

Have you ever woken up with a migraine?  So exhausted, but the pain is horrific.  I took some generic headache tablets and went back to sleep.  Migraine = even with 200 mg of caffeine I still went back to sleep. 

I woke up around 5.  Still in misery.  Monday, though, is the one day I have to work.  Deliveries. 

I'm self employed.  My boss is a real bitch. 

I applied my deodorant and carefully brushed my hair, so glad I had taken my shower last night, and dressed.  We went to work. 

I had to unload 2 carts full of bottled soda.  [moan]  Not a fun day.  I also had to throw out an old, dead, microwave.  I had to help Ron, get a delivery, troubleshoot the coffee vending machine, set up K-cups for sale in the other machine, and do all my usual duties.  Pretty miserable. 

Snacks looked good enough to last until tomorrow - I will have a tremendous amount of stocking tomorrow, though. 

"You know Saturday, when I did it all?" I asked Ron "That's not happening today."  I did take care of the essentials.  Happily Ron managed all the drinks on his own. 

Since the coffee machine is down, I did up a bunch more k-cups (coffee cartridge, disposable cup, cream packet, sugar packet), and put them in the food machine "directly" next to the coffee vending machine.  They can't say we're "out of coffee" because we have it available in the other machine.  I have yet to have someone buy a k-cup and say they wanted the vending machine coffee instead.  I have sold literally hundreds of these things since I started. 

That was good work for a migraine, simple and no heavy lifting. 

While troubleshooting the coffee vending machine, I drank a small amount of coffee.  Ugh.  The migraine did not like that. 

The repairman is coming tomorrow.  

Happily I was only in pain, I could move my head, life just really sucked.  I wasn't queasy but I sure wasn't hungry either. 

I've learned my body.  If I am not hungry I don't eat. 

"You have to eat" people say.  No.  If I'm really sick I'm better off fasting (I will hydrate as long as I'm not queasy). 

Speaking of, getting my appetite, thank God.  I'll be back. 

I ate some pudding and took what I consider to be my "essential" medications.  Vitamin A, Vitamin E (for my skin problems), and the usual nighttime pharmaceuticals.  Antipsychotic, 2 mood stabilizers. 

The basics, at minimum. 

Ron is apparently not feeling well.  I think it's just alcohol upsetting his stomach. 

He's giving the cat rides on his walker now.  She loves that. 

So, after work, we went to Walmart.  With a migraine.  Because it's going to be a busy week, my next day off involves a crosstown trip to see Doc, and I really wanted some more storage boxes. 

It wasn't fun, but I did it.  I got 3 storage boxes, some ready-made tapioca pudding (half of it just eaten), a few things for Ron (cat treats, veggie chips), chips for me, iced tea drink mix, and a package of toilet paper. 

When did it become tacky to call it toilet paper? 

I only use it for one thing. 

Since I take a diuretic mediation, I use a lot, too.  The cheap stuff is fine for me. 

That's it, all done, I checked out. 

Ron was whining for a fried chicken sandwich.  I told him no and gave him some veggie chips.  I just couldn't bear to watch him eat a sandwich, I knew it would make me queasy, and when I go down the road of vomiting/migraine it gets pretty brutal. 

Ron, I think, kept forgetting I had a migraine. 

He ate the chips.  He wanted to try a bag of the veggie chips we sell.  I got them for the "Don't you have anything healthy" folks.  They want to see the items in the machine.  They don't always want to eat the healthy items but they want them to exist. 

Surprisingly, they have sold pretty well.  They have a good food cost, too.  They have really long codes so they can take a while to sell. 

Ron wanted to try them.  So I gave him a bag.  I ate a few.  I thought they were awful.  I like a very salty snack, these aren't. 

Ron, however, adores them.  He's aware the "veggie" part is a pretty big stretch.  They have some powdered vegetables mixed in with the potato starch.  They basically have the same nutritional profile as regular chips (maybe a little less fat).   But he likes them. 

He nibbled on the "Veggie Pringles" (my term) and our ride showed.  We had a nice straight ride home. 

I got everything in the house and went straight to bed.  I felt pretty awful.  Torbie climbed aboard, too. 

I slept for a couple hours, well, we did. 

I sure hope tomorrow is better.  I feel very groggy, between the post-migraine fog and the medication, but at least, if nothing else, I got my medication onboard. 

Tomorrow is truck day.  That's going to be a lot of heavy labor. 

Please, God, no migraine. 

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