Monday, December 15, 2014

Delivery day

"Did you change your order last week?" my sandwich guy queried.  No, I replied.  "OK, good, because I was out all last week with the flu." 


After a quick "please God don't let him be contagious today" prayer, and a thorough handwashing, I went back to work,

I went to bed around 7:30.  I fell asleep pretty fast, happily.  Not so happily, Ron woke me up at 10 PM.  Not intentional but I was annoyed. 

I elected not to say anything today. 

I had to get up at 2 AM.  I sure didn't want to.  I thought about skipping my shower, then remembered all those cursed cysts.  They love it when I skip a shower - I have a freaking harvest a couple days later. 

I got up and took my shower, using my antibacterial soap (which does help).  Most of the current cyst crop are on their way out. 

I am sleeping a lot better, better quality, fewer wakeups.  I'm really glad I got that new bed base. 

After my shower, I did my grooming (not much, just brush my hair, ponytail, deodorant) and my God Time.  I was really pleased I managed it, I knew today would be a long day and I would probably miss it altogether if I didn't get it today. 

Then breakfast and medication.  I decided to try a Monster Low Carb today. 

I found it vile and revolting.  I wanted to drink the whole thing, but only managed, with effort, about a third. 

I won't be buying another one. 

We got our ride to work and arrived at 4.  I had most of my machines stocked by 5. 

As I left to get sandwiches (I meet him out front so he doesn't have all the security protocols), I saw the other guy's repairman entering.  He clearly expected me to let him in the building. 

Well, I wouldn't. 
1.  Security breaches led to my Dad's office being shot up when I was 13.  I would never be a party to that.  I don't let anyone in, period. 

2.  He overcharged us.  A lot.  

3.  He robbed us for years.  When I finally convinced Ron to change the locks (so Ron and I only had a key), the repairman fought Ron on it, kept telling Ron he didn't "have to do it".  Ron began to think I was right after all, but the clincher was the stupid story he was told about how sometimes the vending machines were wide open and the money gone.  All of us knew it was impossible for things to happen in that sequence.  Ron admitted I was right, we changed the locks, we only have the key, and all of a sudden hundreds more in our pocket every month. 

I don't actually revile many people.  Right now I would have to say that guy, and the guy who ran over Ron. 

So, I smiled nicely at him, and told him "I'm sorry, but I don't let anyone in. [explaining #1]"  I came out with my handcart and pulled the door shut before he could grab it, then headed off. 

I don't care.  He's not a good guy. 

We even have another backup on our repairman, should he become ill.  Happily we should never need to call him again.  The last time we did he made us wait 3 weeks, and our other guy was back in town. 

Then I ran into flu man.  Eep.  Please Lord don't let me get sick. 

We worked our asses off. 

Work was in mild hysterics, it's the busiest mailing day of the year, and they have VIP's coming.  They also have a news crew.  If I can find the footage I'll post it. 

I stocked everything - everything.  Our soda delivery arrived, a very nice Yoruba (Nigerian) man.  I greeted him in Yoruba.  He likes that. 

I always give the soda delivery guy a lunch, and I did. 

All done, things put away, we left.  We went home. 

We had a turnaround trip and went to Walmart.  I wanted to go to bed, but I needed various things.  We went, I had a pretty good trip. 

Ron was outraged they "cut my time", but I managed to get everything on our combined list (including deli takeout for Ron) check out (a really nice lady), and load everything into my plastic storage box.  Yay. 

We headed outside and our ride arrived promptly.  Thank you Jesus. 

The paratransit company has finally instituted a "package policy".  Basically, put up your own, modest amount of groceries.  No more 2 shopping carts full of little plastic bags, sitting on your ass, watching the driver put it away.  Some of the clients really take advantage. 

We have our guy with a truck for work, so that's not an issue for us anymore (praise God they didn't do this last year). 

We even had a straight ride - a lot of them today. 

We got home, I put up my things.  Oddly enough, #6 (the Mrs.) had left the same time we did.  She told me the baby is a girl. 


I find it cute, boy-girl.  boy-girl.  Now, boy-girl.  

We both arrived home at the same time.  I found that one a little odd. 

Ron had brought his walker to Walmart, so he got himself in the house as I got the groceries (3 bags).  I put away the cold things. 

I thought. 

I took a nap.  I had a good quality one, too.  I get a really good quality of sleep on my "new" bed. 

I woke up, and to my horror, found Ron's 2 packages of sausage in the cold (insulated tote) bag.  Ooops!  I put them in the freezer. 

Food safety says an item can't be at room temperature for longer than 4 hours.  I only slept for 2, and it was in an insulated cold tote.  The sausages are fine. 

When Ron realized I was awake he asked me about the sausage, and I had to tell him.  I would have preferred to refrain.  He was very nice about it. 

I need to eat (something high protein to help my immune system) and take my meds.  That's my primary function in life, taking my pills.  [sigh] 

I'm glad I have them but boy they come with a price tag. 

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