Sunday, July 31, 2016

[bad word]

Yesterday I was so tired I didn't even do my God Time, much less my blog. 

I got up early and went to the warehouse.  All was well, except they were out of Coke.  We need Coke to run the business. 

So Ron talked to the driver and we went to the other warehouse.  I had to stand in line forever and then try to mush all the Cokes into the truck bed, amidst the other merchandise. 

Even "funner", I got to unload it all.  Knowing what I do now I will never allow Ron to help me unload, again.  Maybe light stuff like chips. 

I got that all put up on carts and pushed them into the building.  Fun times, especially in feels-like-100 hot sun and humidity. 

The extra trip to the other warehouse vastly cut into our stocking time, so I didn't even attempt to do snacks, I just focused on getting the inventory put up and helping Ron.  I reminded him, a couple times, we can always do it Monday. 

We had a couple of "bad marks" already and could not afford to get another one by suspending our pickup.  So I made what I felt was the best decision.  Snacks weren't empty, they will be on Monday, but they were OK for Saturday. 

We finally came home and I took a nap.  We went out to dinner at a BBQ place.  On the way back, I mentioned I have FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome) and the driver told me this horrible story about how her in laws tricked her into drinking 3 alcohol drinks when she was pregnant.  "I couldn't taste it, I only tasted the sweet, and I was really craving ice at the time, so I had 3." 

Later that night, she said, the baby got so restless she thought she was going to have a miscarriage.  Yup, fetuses don't like that alcohol.  "I swore to God" the driver told me "I would never drink alcohol again while I was pregnant". 

Well, there's that.  Of course Ron tried to tell her the baby was maimed for life.  Even if it is, I wouldn't say that.  I just said I was sure she was fine.  No one knows how much alcohol is bad, so it's hard to say.  She may have a deficit off what she "might" have been, but there's no way to know. 

We came home and I went to bed.  This morning, I got up, but I was so tired I didn't even want to do my God Time.  I did it later. 

We had breakfast and then I took a nap for a couple hours.  I had a strange dream about a blue macramé project. 

I checked the mail and Ron's test results were back. 

Good news: his leg veins are fantastic.  Very good function. 

Bad news: his back is a hot mess (that phrase wasn't in the report).  Report said "Severe degenerative disc disease" (not the first time I've heard that) and "Spinal stenosis" (narrowing of the spinal cord canal.)  Oh, yeah, and some nerves are rubbing on bone.  No wonder he's in so much pain when he stands up. 

L2-L5 are toast. 

"Recommendations: neurosurgery"

[bad word]

Ron is in really good spirits but I am trying to figure it all out.  Does Ron get surgery?  How much will it cost?  How in the name of vending will I manage the business and do the caregiving?  I can't hand over keys to our business to anyone, and I don't want strangers in my house. 

[bad word]

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Spankadoo Hardcastle said...

Heather many of the surgeries are only mildly invasive with minimal recovery time. The relief of the pain being lifted from a pinched nerves happens very quickly and so does recovery. There are options this could be easier than you think good luck please keep us posted

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