Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What I pray for myself

"Your blackout" I told Ron "Has been good for [blog] business." 

"My what?"

"What are you calling Thursday night?  That." 


For the record, I haven't "monetized" my blog.  I want to share with you.  I hate going to websites with pop ups and links everywhere trying to sell you something.  I don't want that in my blog, so I don't have it.  Blogger gets enough money selling data to keep me running (and I can't do anything about that anyway).  It would take a drastic change of mind to get me to change my policy.  Either that, or some very Hard Times. 

I got a blister on my hand this morning, trying to open my soda.  It just wouldn't budge. 

Ron: "Use the vice grips".  Well, I would have, but I didn't know where they were and Ron was asleep. 

Later on, I donned a leather glove and found that gave the perfect amount of traction.  So now I know. 

I gave Biscuit his num-num, which he didn't touch.  I'm not too worried about him because he just ate his Salmon In Gravy.  I think he's just tired of Salmon and Chicken Livers for whatever reason.  That's his purr-ogative but I do wonder what to do with the dozen + cans of Salmon and Chicken Livers.  Cats. 

I decided to weed-whack the catio before I took my shower.  The last time I did it I ended up covered in grass bits and very sweaty.  I put on my "old" capris and got to it.  Since it's a pretty small area, less than 100 square feet, I finished pretty fast.  It's not "yard guy" perfect but it is appreciably shorter. 

I put away my tools and took my shower.  I didn't need to shave my legs. 

I did my God Time.  Ron didn't interrupt me for once. 

I am debating put up what I pray every day.  I have a notebook and I wrote down things to pray for every day.  And I do it. 

This is what I pray for myself:
  • Clear thoughts, strong focus, good energy
  • Open Your word to me.
  • Give me patience
  • Put Your thoughts in my head, Your words in my mouth, Your love in my heart.
  • Help me to forgive people who hurt me and Ron, also the haters.
  • Please forgive my sins, I know I fail You.
  • Please deliver Ron and I from willful and hidden faults.  Help us to glorify You.
  • Don't let me take one step, outside Your will.
  • Help me to be positive.
  • Give me Your fruits: love, joy, peace, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control.
  • Please give me gracious thoughts and speech, pleasing to You.
  • Please guide me in EVERYTHING.
  • Please direct me as I seek to be Your hands.
  • Keep me humble, obedient, and loving.
  • Fill me with a servant's heart and Your compassion for others. 
  • Help me to love myself, the way You love me.
  • Remind me you need me as I am.
  • Thank You for all of your goodness, mercy, and care.
  • Help me to be a good witness for You.
  • Help me to show Your love to everyone.
  • Protect me from false doctrine.
  • Please protect us and "our stuff", tangible and intangible.  Help us to be our best.
  • Thank You for using me. 
If you see any of this in my life, it comes from God.  If you don't see it, well, I have some work to do. 

I have 19 other pages of various requests I pray over every day.  I figure it sure can't hurt and I feel it makes me a better person. 

Most times, I get up feeling at least a little better than when I sat down to pray.  I don't do it for that but it's a nice bonus.  Half the time my mind wanders and I end up on strange rabbit trails in my brain.  Othertimes I approach it as a chore.  But I do it pretty much every day, if not when I first get up then before I turn on the computer. 

When I finished, I realized I had more of an "everyday normal" energy level.  Ron was asleep most of the day, he was up watching movies last night. 

Baby Girl hogged my tv chair, so I spent more time on the computer.  Problem, Torbie was in the computer chair, so I had to move it and get a kitchen chair for my seating.  Boy, those kitchen chairs are really uncomfortable.  Whenever I look at them, though, I remember, Ron was assembling the kitchen set the first night Frosty came in the house.  Ron was making banging and clattering noises and Frosty was totally freaked.  It was late 2004.  Frosty is long gone but I still have the kitchen set that scared him so much. 

I feed Biscuit his nums off the top of the kitchen table, we never eat there anyway so I use it for storing cat food. 

Well, Torbie just had her way with me, meowing and howling.  That means "Get off the computer and sit on the couch, so I can get in your lap."  I did so.  We had a nice cuddle.  I like having a pushy, cuddly, cat.  Baby Girl has never gotten in my lap, and Biscuit won't for long.  Torbie loves lap. 

Everyone likes lots of petting but no one wants to be picked up.  Biscuit will tolerate a hug if I put him down right away.  Torbie doesn't like to be near my face, though.  I could get a complex about that. 

Anyway, good times with Torbie.  She wedged herself under the bookcase and is happy. 

I got on the computer for a while (this morning) but finally decided to take a nap.  I had a dream a man was aggressively spooning me. As it turns out, it was Biscuit.  He loves to spoon me during our naps. 

He is such a sweet boy, he's really bonded with me since his brother died. 

I still wonder if I should have kept Gravy and had his leg removed.  But, at the time, they were not indoor cats.  They did not have a catio.  So, I think euthanasia was the best call at the time.  He's in heaven right now having a great old time with Frosty and Bubba. 

I have more than a few cats in Heaven.  All of them were rescues.  All of them loved and missed. 

I think the strangest was Mr Grey, aka Turtle.  He was very fearful with strangers and liked to molest my foot at night.  He also peed on the floor.  A lot.  Yup, definitely the strangest. 

Not that I have favorites.  With the live ones, it's more the ones that like me better vs the ones that don't.  Baby Girl is pretty indifferent unless I am feeding a can of food.  Then she is into the food but never says thank you.  Daddy's girl.  Pretty totally ignores me except for sleeping in my chair. 

Biscuit is sweet, cuddly, and sleeps with me (my favorite).  He is very appreciative when I feed him his canned food.  Clearly likes me better than he does Ron, but he is cuddly with Ron too. 

Torbie is very sweet and cuddly with me, doesn't touch canned food, and is often found laying next to Ron, hoping for treats.  She picked me out at the shelter.  We understand each other. 

Now, in Baby Girl's defense, she did sleep with me the night Bubba died, but Ron had a blackout.  He started waving a bag of treats and she got up and went to him instead.  But, for a couple of hours, she did sleep with me.  I haven't forgotten that, and I won't. 

Baby Girl did vomit in my chair (good thing I keep a towel in it), and I almost sat in it.  It looked remarkably like feces.  I had to smell it to be sure.  No, it was a hairball.  She's the only one I didn't dose with the Laxatone (flavored grease for cats, helps them pass hairballs).  Thank God I saw it before I sat down! 

Now I have extra laundry. 

And Torbie's back so probably time for more cuddles. 


Anonymous said...

God has answered your prayers.
I just started a new prayer tradition yesterday knowing apart from him we can do nothing.
I sit down with my meals, thank him and ask him to give me self control not to over eat.

Spankadoo Hardcastle said...

What a beautiful prayer you say! Did you create it or is that from a particular time in your life you were taught to pray? I am always curious how folks begin praying in life. I know for some it is taught in religious schooling some from parents and know my friends say they started " formal" then began to " do my own thing"

We always give gratitude for the day with our meals. That is where we give our " prayer time" but we have different beliefs. Your prayer could be for just about anyone who sits and meditates. Thanks for share such a sweet and special thing with us ! ( download copies of your blogs, leave them to a library, please? I want to do that as well to archive my struggles for kids in the future to know )

Much love from ours to yours

( still waiting for the right time and kitties ( plural we are adopting two are turning us into cat peopleLolol! )

Note the name obviously not " me" but I worry about the internet still. I just post so many comments being anonymous is silly ..i so appreciate your allowing it , thanks.

Heather Knits said...

Spank, I just sat down and thought about what I needed God to "cover" for me every day, and asked Him to show me other things I didn't think of.

With the cats, I'd go for either a mom and kitten, or siblings. They already get along with each other so limited drama.

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