Sunday, July 17, 2016

A trip to the shelter

Well, I did it. 

I did some research into the location, address, hours, and needs of our local "kill" animal shelter.  I recruited our driver to help.  I collected all Biscuit's uneaten num-nums - still good in their unopened cans, and found I had 5 bag's worth. 

Then I had our driver take me to Walmart where I got various items on the list.  I mainly focused on dry cat food, dog and cat treats, and some peroxide for the clinic.  I didn't want to get bleach or dish soap, worried it might "open up" somehow in transit, leaving the truck a mess and ruining the other products. 

Then I took the cart out to the truck, loaded everything, and off we went to the animal shelter. 

It took a while, they are a ways off. 

Finally arrived.  I went in and saw a nice bottled vending machine, a lot of seating, and some families sitting around.  A lady was at the desk filling out paperwork.  The security guard asked me if I needed help, and I explained I needed a cart, as I had some donations to unload. 

She went and found someone to get one and came back.  We chatted for a minute as we waited for the volunteer and cart to arrive. 

They did, and we went out to the truck.  We unloaded everything, almost too much for the cart.  Good.  I know the shelter has hundreds of just cats so it will go fast.  The security guard came out and did a double take, then grinned and waved. 

I won't say what I got, I already said too much, but I was/am happy to do it.   Anyone can do this, you probably have a car so really no excuse.  I guarantee your shelter will be thrilled. 

You have to have an ID card to see the animals, and I specifically did not bring mine.  I don't need to have my heart torn out by tragic little faces.  I've already done what I could. 

Not so fun, Ron kept bugging me with texts every couple minutes. 

We (the driver and I, as Ron refused to come), went to dinner and got Ron some takeout.  Ron continued to "bother" us.  I don't know why he didn't just come, if he wanted to interact so much.  Or maybe he was "worried" about us, which is stupid. 

We finally finished and beat the rain, as a large stormcloud was moving in.  It did hit right as I got home, and I had to dash through the rain to get into the house. 

I came in to find Ron completely drunk, nearly falling off his walker, grunting incoherently.  Ugh.  I was sorry I had even come home. 

I fed the cats (Biscuit was a little traumatized when I took all his nums away, even though he doesn't like them anymore), and filled their water bowl.  Crap.  I just remembered I need to take my pills, let me do that. 

Did that. 

Anyway, Ron is sitting on his walker, snoring.  At least he is quiet. 

I hope I have a boring night. 

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Spankadoo Hardcastle said...

How TRULY WONDERFUL you did this today! I do not think telling us about these deeds is at all " braggy" you give ideas of how to donate by not using obstructions in your life become excuses not to give.
I am trying do do the opposite of what if feel when in comes to battling my " barriers" ..if i want to be mean amd dwell under the blankets? I am getting out and GIVING why not take some things to an animal shelter! See? Not braggy you are walking the walk and teaching us by example. Thanks!

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